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Looking for work? Graduating or just graduated? Get listed in our new Find Staff page!


Organisation from Australia, New South Wales

tsumea now has a new section where those looking for work (including students who've graduated or are nearing graduation) can get listed so potential employers can know who's out there and available. They can search for talent in specific areas (3D Artists, Game Programmers etc) and of any particular skills (e.g C#, Unity, Unreal Engine) too.

If you want to get on the list, we've created a help page with a step-by-step guide on what needs to be done. There's not too many steps, it's a pretty straight forward procedure of selecting and filling in some fields, and it shouldn't take you more than a minute or two.

This section is also a part of our upcoming tsumea app, so hopefully it'll become a really useful service in getting yourself found for work!