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NSW Games developers available at GAME for chat this Saturday

GAME is commencing tomorrow at the Macquarie University in NSW. The three day festival is a celebration of game culture and will be covering a whole range of game related activities, including the playing of awesome games (multiplayer Minecraft, Mario Kart competition), discussion panels, and learning a whole bunch about making games as well.

Entry is free, and there's bound to be something of interest for everyone, young and old. There's a tonne of information on the 3dedrats and the Macquarie Uni site, so if you want to see the incredible amount of activities on offer, check it out!

Of particular interest to us is the list of N.S.W based games developers who'll be available for chat on the third day of the festival. This SATURDAY, the following devs will be located on level 1 at Macquary Uni library all day for a chat!

Want to be a game designer? Come along and chat with the indie game developers showcasing their work at our GAME On: community video game festival on October 29, from 9:30am onwards. These developers are happy to chat with you about what they are doing, how they got started and answer any questions you may have. The indie developers range from one person operations to a development team of 32 spread across the globe. All are at various stages of completion of their games.

It's a pretty awesome list of local developers who come from a background of differing platforms and markets, so if you have a lingering question to ask about games development in a particular area, I'm sure you'll find one of them to accommodate you!

Check out this page for the full details on these developers.