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GCAP19: Emilie Poissenot - More Cards Against People Mismanagement

Emilie Poissenot
League of Geeks
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Talk: More Cards Against People Mismanagement

Speaker: Emilie Poissenot

With the right tools, leaders help a team navigate the tumultuous waters of game development and stick together until they reach their destination. You can be that guiding light!

In last year’s talk, I condensed some of my favourite people management tools into cards that help empower team members, bond with them and troubleshoot tensions. This year, I want to further

build your deck with techniques focused on communication, motivation and coaching, so you’re better equipped to lead the way for your team.

Whether you’re currently in a leadership position, aspiring to be or needing tools to better your relationship with your manager, this talk will give you practical tips to improve your team interactions as soon as you’re back in the office.

Game Connect Asia Pacific 2019: Lighting The Way

Game Connect Asia Pacific is Australia's premier games development conference and a part of Melbourne International Games Week.

Situated in Melbourne, Australia during October, GCAP is world-renowned for its talks, collaboration, expression, networking and inclusive environment.

Video courtesy of GCAP and the Game Developers' Association of Australia.