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This project is my recreation of Dark Souls 3 in Unreal Engine 4. I picked an area that interested me and I modeled, textured, and did all the lighting in the level.
While playing this game I have continuously been amazed by the detail and style of the environment artwork. I realize that they do this through clever use of efficient modular assets.
My goal was to create this with about 90% accuracy to the original game assets and about 10% added or slightly altered pieces and my own ideas. I created it as if it were a small section of a much larger world like it is in the game.

I placed a high emphasis on efficiency such as UV space, substance files and reusable textures.
All particle effects are modified versions of those provided by Epic.
This is fan art. No copyright infringement intended.

Darksouls™ 3 & ©2016 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. / ©2011-2016 Fromsoftware, Inc.





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SightlessVR is a virtual reality horror game for the HTC Vive made as a major uni project @ AIE Melb.
The game has drawn inspiration from various horror games and films, with the idea in mind of doing horror in a more unconventional way, the "enemy" can locate you by sound you produce when interacting with objects, but can't see you, hence, the name of the project :]

As sole artist on this project, I was responsible for all visual aspects (* see exception below), performance optimization (art) and aiding game designers with level layout.
* Foliage and terrain created by my good friend, Jake Dunlop, as well as texturing a handful of assets I've modeled. Check his stuff at

More of my work can be found at the link below.

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My Role: Character Artist & Producer. Collaborative project with a group of six. My role was the Producer for the project as well as being the Character Artist for Moss (boy). This involved everything from concept to modelling, texturing and shading

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Design, concept and models done for a Unity based fighting game. 

Hard surface designs in Maya, anatomy and female suit done with ZBrush. Bot concept textured with Substance Painter.

Approximate Project Time -
Robot - Concept - 3 Days
Robot - Hard Surface Model - 3 Days

Female Suit / Body Concept Sculpt - 3 Days

Check out the related link or my portfolio website for a more detailed breakdown.

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A Fantasy VR environment created in the Unreal Engine for a PAX 2016 showcase. Designed with modular pieces then kit-bashed in the Unreal Engine to produce the final product. 

Hard surface modelling done with Maya, high poly models done in ZBrush and textured with Substance Painter and Designer. 

Check out my website, or the artstation link for more detailed breakdowns.

Total Project time - 1 Month
Average asset creation - 1/2 days

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