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This was my character I submitted for my last assessment, I concepted her from start to finish and had a lot of fun in the process.

I will most likely put her through a second pass as I want to include her into a larger project at a later date, I've realised a lot of things since setting the file aside and would like to apply my new-found knowledge.

I've put a Sketchfab link below and I welcome and feedback or comments.

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An sci fi environment made to work in unreal engine 4. (4.15). My pipeline involved low to high poly modelling in Maya with modular methodologies. Texturing and baking of normals was all done in Substance Painter and finally rendering, lighting and composition all in Unreal Engine. Very pleased with the ease of this pipeline with minimal need to go back and forth.

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As a part of University group project in first year (2014), I was required to design and produce a model of a giant Tree entity “Elohim”. Which would act as the game, Phanta Rhei’s, core environment asset as the player would progressively wind their way up, passing platform puzzles and enemies.

“Elohim” needed to appear as menacing and ominous as possible to merge with the our story. It needed to give the impression that decades worth of blood sacrifices had occurred at the base of “Elohim”, saturating the pure white oak, staining his leaves Crimson and scarlet.

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