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Being a fan of early Image comics, Iv'e been working on a few of Rob Liefeld's creations. This time it's Prophet. This is just fan art and has not been published.

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I thought Super Mario Odyssey looked amazing so I wanted to try to replicate it with Goombella!
She's got a hat for that extra defence, she loves exploring and learning, could totally imagine an alternate reality where she was in game.

I modelled her in Maya and did the materials/textures in Quixel, renders are from 3DO.

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This model is Kumiko from the anime ‘Hibike! Euphonium’.
I made this model for the purpose of experimenting with a ‘shading’ technique that I wanted to try. The main aim of this project was to have a convincing 3D anime model with a clean 2D effect that is viewable realtime.
I have a writeup on how I created the model, here.

Sketchfab/model viewer:

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