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Audio Designer

Job Position


Torus Games is looking for a part-time, fixed-term sound designer at our Bayswater studio.

The successful applicant will be responsible for all audio-related issues in current and ongoing projects. We are looking for a talented and passionate sound designer with a track record of games development. The role will include significant creative freedom to help shape the overall feel of future Torus Games titles.

All necessary equipment and tools are provided by Torus Games. This is a part-time position for two or three days per week (negotiable) for a period of 10 months, with the possibility of extension depending on project requirements.

Key Responsibilities & duties

    * Communication and close involvement with the rest of the team
    * Precise assessment and on-schedule delivery of audio-related tasks
    * Creation, implement and documentation of all audio-related designs and assets
    * Mixing using a combination of commercial and in-house tools
    * Co-development and maintenance of existing and new audio-related tools and procedures
    * Upholding the high-quality audio and studio work standard: innovative and engaging audio, outstanding and professional work ethics
    * Creation and tuning of in-game sound effects
    * Working closely with programmers, QA and level designers
    * Managing recording sessions, e.g. vehicle engines, foley, ambience, VO
    * Scheduling and tracking of tasks, and coordinating work with other members of the team

Selection Criteria


    * Experience in game audio development
    * Experience in cross-platform audio production; PC, Mac, mobile and current-gen consoles
    * Previous experience as a sound designer
    * Knowledge of popular DAW packages such as Cubase
    * Understanding of technical limitations and trade-offs in game audio technology
    * Excellent writing and verbal communication skills
    * Attention to detail
    * Applicants should have at least one published game. Applicants lacking in games industry experience will also be considered where they have exceptional sound design experience in another industry, and can demonstrate an understanding of, and an interest in, interactive sound design


    * Previous sound directing experience
    * Previous experience as a composer and audio director
    * Expertise with Unity and Unreal audio
    * Understanding of environmental acoustics
    * Knowledge of recording techniques and technologies - microphones, audio recording equipment, etc

Only applicants with Australian citizenship or relevant visas will be considered. Please note we do not relocate international or interstate applicants, and we are not considering offsite employment.

All applications must include a folio with examples of your work, as either a CD/DVD or a link to an online portfolio, and a cover letter addressing the selection criteria. We are unable to process applications which do not include this information.

Torus Games does not accept solicitations from recruitment agencies.


We are excited to offer a position for talented Sound Designer/Composer to join our business.

GiggleUp is a creative studio that design digital learning experiences for children. Learning is for life - so it should be fun! Our vision is to create fun apps with high educational value that encourage learning through playing. We hope that through what we do, more children can start this journey with laughter and develop an appetite for learning that they will carry with them for the years to come.


  • The ability to work under pressure to tight production deadlines
  • The confidence to work independently
  • Strive for excellence


  • MANDATORY - Must have a passion for kid's education
  • Past experience on manipulating and generating sound effect/music background for games/software.
  • All talented artist (with no prior experience) are welcomed to apply.
  • A passion for kids educational software and games.
  • Very good communication skills


  • negotiable
  • Contract or Part time

We look forward to hearing from you. Don't hesitate, contact us now!

Please send your resume to and provide the following:

  • Please compose a 1 minute remake of a classical nursery rhyme in contemporary tone, with your audience being 1-5 years old kids. Please submit this work in WAV format.
  • Your highest level of education
  • When you're available to start
Job Position

PlaySide is looking for a Sound Wizard!

We are looking for a Melbourne based Professional Sound Designer who is easy to work with and specialises in designing and creating both SFX and Music. If you only specialise in one or the other, please still send through an email as we may find two separate people more suitable!

This contract position is for remote work with occasional meet ups at our St.Kilda rd based Studio.

PlaySide Studios is a Mobile Games Studio situated in Melbourne Australia. We specialise in developing console quality products, tailored for mobile devices. We are really looking forward to adding another talented member to our team!

Please email

Job Position
Submitted by ALEX FRANCIS (not verified) on Wed, 15/06/11 - 11:17 PM Permalink

Im interested in your project, Could you please email the specifications or a brief of the game and your requirements. hopefully i can arrange an agreeable quote.

Submitted by Bart Elsmore (not verified) on Fri, 17/06/11 - 11:07 AM Permalink


I run a sound design and music production company with my partner Mike, called Moxi. We produce for Film, TV, internet and games. Please check out our website which has mainly TVC's. If you'd like us to send other examples of our work, please let me know.

You can contact me via our website, We can supply a quote once we receive the spec from you.


Submitted by Simon Freeman (not verified) on Fri, 17/06/11 - 12:20 PM Permalink

I am a sound and audio design and am very interested in your project. Please refer to the email I sent to

I'm sure I can offer a very competitive quote once I know what you need.



Submitted by cmlibra on Mon, 20/06/11 - 2:21 PM Permalink

Thanks for all the quotes. We're a bit overwhelmed at the response and so will get back to everyone as soon as we can.

Needless to say, this advertisement is now closed.

Thanks again to everyone that applied.

Redtribe is looking for a talented sound designer to help create sound FX for a small iPad game.
The job isn't very big, but we need quality. We have a specification for the sound required, and we will need a quote.

Job Position


THQ Inc. is a leading worldwide developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. We develop and publish content for gaming platforms including Microsoft Xbox 360®, Nintendo Wii™, Sony PlayStation® 3 and Sony PlayStation® 2; handheld platforms such as Nintendo's DS™ and Sony's PSP® (PlayStation®Portable) system. Not only do we have a portfolio of top-selling, award-winning interactive entertainment but a friendly, supportive and creative organisational culture.

Currently we are seeking a talented Audio Designer to join our Blue Tongue studio is a Contract capacity for 3 months.

Within this role you will be responsible for:

• Create outstanding original sound effects
• Implement and test all audio assets
• Ensure effective communication with development team
• Manage assigned tasks and scheduling

To be successful in this role you will have:

• Game audio industry experience is preferred, but not essential
• Proven experience in high quality audio production and sound design
• A good knowledge of PC Digital Audio Workstation production techniques
• Prior knowledge of FMOD Designer is preferred, but not essential
• Ability to quickly adapt to using custom-built implementation software
• A good comprehension of recording techniques and various microphone types
• Enthusiasm and knowledge of video games in general
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
• Experience of mixing audio in 5.1 surround is an advantage but not required

This job requires the use of cutting edge tools unique to audio production within game development. Training will be given but the applicant must also be pro-active and able to work on their own initiative.


Along with their CV, all applicants must provide examples of their work. A standard Data CD or DVD is preferred. Web pages containing links to work examples are also accepted as long as the audio material is of a suitably high resolution. The examples must contain material that is relevant to audio production in the games industry. Such a demo might contain some or all of the following:

• Original sound effects (raw wavs preferred)
• Sound design to character animations
• Sound design to picture (this could be film or animation or a pre-existing game video which has had the sound re-dubbed)
• Multi-track or layered sound design


Job Position

Blue Tongue Entertainment, a well known and established Melbourne games developer is currently seeking a 2 month Contract Audio Designer that will be responsible for sound design and authoring for our cutscenes. The successful person will have significant Audio industry experience, and possibly come from a film and TV background.


• Sound design and authoring for our cutscenes
• Editing and implementation of dialogue and music assets
• Frequent communication with production team


• Audio industry experience in film, TV or games
• Proven experience of professional mixing in 5.1 surround
• Experience in Pro Tools or Nuendo software
• Experience of sound design for animation preferred
• A knowledge of the art and science of telling a story with sound
• Enthusiasm and knowledge of video games in general
• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


Along with CV, all applicants must provide examples of their work on a demo reel or website.

For a confidential discussion, please contact Andrew, on +61 3 9914 9944.

Please send all application to

Job Position
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 03/10/09 - 9:36 PM Permalink

I recently applied for that audio designer job at blue tongue.

I recieved an e-mail back from them with the usual "unfortunately on this occasion you have been unsuccessful" line.

That didn't bother me.

What did bother me was the person "Andrew" greeted and thanked my email name, not me real name which was on my cover letter and resume. that can only mean that my application and showreel wasn't even looked at obviously. it took some 35 odd hours to put together 2 demos, and i did not at all appreciate being patronized by the recruiter who explained that they viewd my application closely but found a more "experienced applicant"


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 03/10/09 - 10:07 PM Permalink

That doesn't mean that your demo wasn't looked at. All that means it that you got the same automated email as everyone else who wasn't successful, and someone put your Email address in the "NAME" catagory.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 04/10/09 - 11:42 AM Permalink

A few pieces of advice, if you are willing to take it.

Why is your email name different to your real name? I don't know your circumstances, but it sounds like it has the potential to look extremely unprofessional.

Also, this is an industry where you don;t want to read too much into rejection letters. Barely anyone I applied to bothered to even write one when I was applying. That doesn't mean that they didn't even look at my application - it just meant that they found someone better suited and don;t have the resources to apply.

Also its best not to risk burning bridges by publicly venting on a forum like this, even anonymously.


Blue Tongue Entertainment was founded in October 1995, and became a part of THQ in 2004. We now have more than 90 staff, and have shipped games in a wide range of genres. Popular titles from Blue Tongue include Starship Troopers Terran Ascendancy, Jurassic Park Operation Genesis, the Nicktoons series of games, and our acclaimed Nintendo Wii-exclusive de Blob.

We are currently seeking an Audio Designer that will be responsible for planning and creating all activities related to sound. The successful person will have significant Audio industry experience, including a number of completed titles.


* Implementation of supplied music tracks
* Editing and implementation of dialogue assets
* Creation and implementation of sound assets
* Responsibility for the entire audio environment
* Frequent communication with production team


* Audio industry experience including completed titles
* Experience in audio production and implementation using sound editing software
* Understanding of Music and composition is an advantage but is not required
* A knowledge of the art and science of telling a story with sound
* Enthusiasm and knowledge of video games in general
* Excellent communication and interpersonal skills


Along with their CV, all applicants must provide examples of their work on a demo reel or website. The preferred method of receiving work is on a standard Data CD. The demo must contain material that is relevant to audio production in the games industry. Such a demo reel might contain some or all of the following:

* Original sound effects (raw wavs preferred)
* Sound design to picture (this could be a previous film or animation or existing game video which has had the sound re-dubbed)
* Multi-track or layered sound design


Job Position

Krome Studios is Australia's largest independent games studio, located in 3 states and on average, 350 employees Australia-wide. Since 1999 we have created many successful games on multiple platforms and languages, including licensed titles such as Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Hell Boy: The Science of Evil and Scene It! We have also created our own IP, Ty the Tasmanian Tiger and have more great titles in development.

Vacancy: Sound Designer (MELBOURNE)

Our studio in Melbourne is looking for a talented, experienced Sound Designer to join our team. As the sole Sound Designer in Melbourne, you will be in a fairly autonomous position, reporting to the Lead Sound Composer in Brisbane. This position will require several weeks training in our Brisbane Head Office.

- Creation, editing and conversion of high quality sound effects
- Organising, recording, editing and conversion of audio dialogue
- Intelligent placement of sound effects in animations, cut scenes and levels
- Liaise with other team members, both local and interstate, as well as publishers
- Implementing sound for non-interactive media
- Ensure that personal work is meeting all standards (checking work, check-in - procedures, build checklists etc)
- Perform additional tasks as requested

Is this you?
If you would love to work with us and are wondering what you need to join, we are looking for people with the following skills and experience:
- Videogames experience in Senior role on at least two shipped titles essential
- Experience with wave editing software such as Sound Forge, Audition, Wave lab, etc
- Affinity for video games
- Background in Sound Design
- Competent PC user (Windows and Mac)
- Ability to rapidly learn and adapt to new software tools;
- Excellent written and oral English communication skills;
- Ability to take direction
- Ability to work alone as well as part of a team

Why choose Krome?
We pride ourselves on our casual, relaxed environment and supportive teams. We also have training and development programs to refresh or develop your skills and Friday night 'unwind' nights of pizza, beer and games!

Please email all applications and examples of work to or call HR on +617 3257 2377.

Job Position
Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 11/12/08 - 9:40 PM Permalink

I've been hanging for nearly a month now.

Please does anyone know, Has this job been taken.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 03/02/09 - 12:12 AM Permalink

hmmm... im new here... I don't see any registration tab...

anyways, if u like that music please email me at

Some of my music composition:
YveZ - Tech-Slo' (aka Capricious Mind)
Suited for Start of Battle

YveZ - Realization
Suited for End of Battle

YveZ - Tin Can <-
Sounds like kids

We are seeking a Sound Designer to join Transmission Games, a Melbourne based developer. We are currently working three next gen (PS3, XBox360) titles, in the sports, flight and action genres.

Reporting to the Producer and taking direction from the design team, the Sound Designer will be responsible for designing sound to enhance the overall feel of the game-play experience.

The ideal applicant will have the ability to communicate and articulate a sound design vision to the audio programmer(s) and the rest of the team in the form of documentation, verbal communication and demonstration. You will also be able to work independently and show initiative, but also take direction and constructive criticism.

The role:
• Use tools to implement and mix dynamic, adaptive sound in the game.
• Research and develop ways to maximize the creative potential of the sound design within specified technical constraints.
• Be responsible for the organisation and maintenance of the game's audio assets.
• Give input on any technical or design decisions that may affect the sound design or the audio production schedule.
• Ensure quality control over any externally produced audio, and manage integration of the same.
• Monitor the current state of the game audio, and 'sign off' on the audio for milestones and demo builds.
• Keep abreast of current trends in the field of sound design.

• Experience with using audio editing software and middleware programs, Pro-tools, Sound-Forge, FMOD
• Degree in sound design/music engineering or equivalent desirable
• Understand the fundamentals and application of compression and acoustics for game audio
• Record/design dialogue and sound effects for the game

Location: Melbourne
Start Date: ASAP
Duration: Permanent
Salary: Salary negotiable dependent upon experience
To apply please send your resume to


Brisbane based THQ Studio Australia, a wholly owned subsidiary of international publisher and developer THQ Inc., is seeking videogame development talent across all disciplines to work on an action game for Microsoft Xbox 360 and Sony Playstation 3 based on the popular Warhammer 40,000 universe from Games Workshop.

We want the most talented, most enthusiastic and motivated developers to join us and help push Brisbane and THQ Studio Australia to the forefront of Australian development. With standards high and expectations higher, only the highest potential developers are wanted to join an incredible team. Express your interest to Andrew at

Current openings:

Lead Artist
Lead Animator
Environment Artist
Senior Designer
Audio Designer
Engine Programmer
Game Programmer
QA Lead

For a confidential discussion, please contact Andrew Kirkby, Recruitment Co-ordinator at or +61 3 99149944.

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