Joshua McGrath wins this year's SOYA Interactive Gaming Award

Congratulations are in order to Joshua McGrath for taking out the top position in this year's Quantas Spirit of Youth Awards (SOYA) in the interactive gaming category. It's the second year running for SOYA and this unique award, and apart from the prestige of winning such a title, Joshua has been given the opportunity of a role in Soap Creative's Los Angeles office. From SOYA...

Wide Open Road and The Big Day Out Evolution Grant

We've been forwarded the news from The Screen Producers Association of their new initiative with Sounds Australia and The Big Day Out that local games developers and interactive media companies may be interested in. They're providing a grant of $20,000 to encourage Australian independent producers and content creators of film, interactive media and music to create a new interactive experience for audiences at live shows.

Win $5000 and a trip to California for submitting a game! Must be under 30

Full details here:

Entries close: 13th January 2012

The Qantas Spirit Of Youth Awards offers Interactive enthusiast and gamers aged 18 - 30 the chance to leap to the next level with a trip of a lifetime to South by Southwest (SXSW) in Texas in March 2012. You'll also be offered a professional mentorship with internationally renowned agency Soap Creative directors Ashley Ringrose & Brad Eldridge, and did we mention $5,000 cash!

We have a winner for Synthetic Nest's Game Design Challenge

The Synthetic Nest Game Design Challenge has come to an end. Thanks very much to all those who participated.

Congratulations goes to Daniel Punch winner of the challenge and a brand new Android tablet.
Daniel designed a fantastic and hilarious little point and click adventure the client loved.

Still a chance to Win An Android Tablet! Synthetic Nest Game Design Challenge Update

Hi All,
We originally set the registration deadline as the 3rd of October.
So, The Point and Click Game Design Challenge is now underway!
We have decide to leave registrations open until 2 days before the final submission date of the 17th of October.

Only a few people have so far taken up the challenge! So there's a fantastic chance if you register soon on winning a shiny new Android Tablet!

Serious Computer Game Initiative winner, Alternator, in production

Screen Australia and ABC-TV have announced that the Serious Game, 'Alternator', - a full-throttle car race in wild and whacky green-powered vehicles - will receive $325,000 and go into full production immediately.

The announcement of Alternator marks a key milestone in the Serious Games Initiative - a partnership between Screen Australia and ABC-TV to support the production of a computer game designed to have an educative message.

Congratulations 48hr Game Making Challenge 2009 Winners

Congratulations to all who entered and endured the 48 hour game making challenge in Brisbane last weekend, it's quite a physical and mental feat you all took! I've been regularly popping in to view the live streams at various hours (particularly Sunday morning at 5am) and was quite impressed to see people still busily working away at their computers. The live stream of the presentation was great also, unfortunately there wasn't any sound so I couldn't hear all the winners and speeches that were had.

48hr Game Making Challenge is on this weekend!

The 48 hour Game Making Challenge is kicking off in a few hours!!! Truna and her crew are currently setting up the location where teams of game developers (three pro-league and *17* standard teams) will be sitting it out for 48 hours straight to complete a game using the three keywords supplied. Currently, everybody is filling in the building and getting ready for the 4pm start.