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Lisy Kane

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Talk: What to Expect When You’re Expecting (A Producer)
Speaker: Lisy Kane

When considering bringing on a producer or if you're in the throes of onboarding ones, what are the considerations and questions you should be asking yourself and the team to ensure they are the given the best opportunity to level up your studio?

Lead Producer from League of Geeks, Lisy Kane is going to talk through what production looks like at LoG as well as exploring what types of production roles are out there and how they can fit (or not!) for your team.

Game Connect Asia Pacific 2019: Lighting The Way

Game Connect Asia Pacific is Australia's premier games development conference and a part of Melbourne International Games Week.

Situated in Melbourne, Australia during October, GCAP is world-renowned for its talks, collaboration, expression, networking and inclusive environment.

Video courtesy of GCAP and the Game Developers' Association of Australia.

Lisy Kane
League of Geeks
18 Aug, 2020

This week's show is a chat with two of the leading lights from the League of Geeks, co-founder and design director Blake Mizzi and lead producer Lisy Kane. It's a really fun chat with two people I admire a great deal in the local scene and we spend a lot of time talking about the culture they've cultivated at the company as well as how their great game, Armello, has evolved over the years since its launch.

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