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Latest works by gep
  • Libitina, Death Incarnate. A goddess of death, Libitina takes the form of a ghostly, giant raven. She is merciless & ferocious, & has only the desire to take souls into the afterlife.

    This was created for 'Levare' an animated…

  • An elderly inventor, Valentino, lives in a stunning art deco house perched on the side of a cliff in the Italian Alps where his latest creation, a flying machine, remains incomplete and gathers dust. He shares his home with a small mechanical…

  • Hey guys, here is a couple of character designs. The truckie was done a while ago but I have given him a bit of an update and added a background. The sci-fi guy is all new.

  • And here is a couple of sci-fi environments. Critiques are always welcome!

  • Hey guys and gals
    Here is an update of some of my character designs.

  • Here is some of my recent images.