Sci-fi environment concepts

And here is a couple of sci-fi environments. Critiques are always welcome!


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wow, awsome really good eye candy here.

the level of visual accuracy without the limitations of photographic medium are a bit strange, amost expect to see some of the earths curvature at the enges of the horizon or other pespective distortion from a wide angle city shot, but that not the purpose, so great looking city scapes work well

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Thanks David, I might try and put some horizon curvature or perspective distortion in to some future wide shots. I think it would be a good visual indicator to push the idea of the massive scale of some of these cities.

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Man, gotta say the 1st and 3rd don't grab me. But the 2nd one... Mate, that is some capital work there!!!

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Thnx for feedback, I appreciate it!

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I agree the 2nd one is the best. It just has a visual clarity the others don't have.

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They're nice, but, they're more appropriate as environment concepts for a sci-fi flick, not, game. For a game, they're too ambitious; even with newer technology, the limitations in place would mean that the game environments would look nothing like those.

It's not a bad thing if you aren't that fussed about working in the game industry, but, since this is a game developer centric site...

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Depends really, rapture from the outside shots would be close to this level of complexity during the initial scenes.

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Hey guys

These environments were created to be backgrounds for an online game, so I didn't need to consider how these could be recreated in 3D.

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orange atmosphere and shiny blue dwellings, great use of colour contrast - love it

maybe have another look at the orange shading across some of the buildings, feels a bit inconsistent

sun glare looks a bit odd

but fantastic work mate, don't let up on your first, really got a hold of something there i reckon