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I am a video game and level designer from Victoria Australia. I have spent the last five years studying audio and game design, inventing concepts for future video games; plus recording and producing music, with most recently level design being the new targeted focus for my career.  I am organised, professional and courteous, having spent over four years working in retail, learning to meet customer needs and demands. Working in a team is what I enjoy, and am a fast learner looking to always improve my skills.

I have a passion for all things video games. I grew up playing amazing classics like Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet and Clank, Simpsons Hit and Run, all of which inspired me to pursue a role in game design. I've been focusing on my craft, watching hours and hours of content related to everything game design; trying to understand the industry and where I believe I belong, within the wonderful and ever changing, video game landscape.

You can reach me at and I will be eagerly awaiting your response.