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National Screenwriters? Conference 2002

Posted by souri on Sun, 28/07/02 - 6:26 AM

Bits of the press release that are relevant to the games industry were: An industry overview of games: history and future directions Kathy Mueller has more than 15 years experience in Film and Television as a film Director and script editor. She moved into multimedia in 1994 when she received a grant to work with games company Beam Software to research the scripting of interactive games. She established the first interactive scripting course with games writer Mark Morrison and taught nationally for the past eight years. In 1996 Kathy received a grant from the AFC to develop an innovative design for interactive gameplay, and in 1998 was invited to give a talk on her game design to the MIT Media Lab in the USA. Kathy is currently completing her doctorate. Her work is currently being trailed by Melbourne University's Department of Psychiatry. Introduction to games writing Ian Malcolm is a games designer at Infogrames and has been writing and overseeing the dialogue for the Men in Black and Looney Tunes Space Race games. He will discuss writing speech for games, from writing through to recording, performance and hardware issues. Non-goal specific simulation games case study: Jurassic Park for XBox Nick Hagger is a producer and designer of video games. He?s part of the team of uniquely creative individuals which makes up Bluetongue Software. The last project he worked on, Starship Troopers [Hasbro Interactive/Infogrames 200 , was a tough license to crack but met with critical acclaim in both the US and European markets. His current project, Jurassic Park [Universal Interactive, 2002] will be available this Christmas. What's NEXT? The Writing of IKON IKON is a first-person-shooter/car-combat PlayStation2 title with a blockbuster-style action-adventure storyline - and is Adelaide games developer Ratbag Games' first foray into the genre. This session is a behind-the-scenes examination of the writing process on the game, including what went right, what went wrong, and why. Theme, Character, Plot, Structure, Dialog, Spelling - all that good stuff! From mid-2000 to early 2002, J.T. Velikovsky was the in-house Game Writer at Ratbag Pty Ltd, during which time he wrote (and rather frequently re-wrote) the 600-page IKON game screenplay. He studied film screenwriting and game design at the AFTRS 95-97, and has worked as a freelance writer in the film, TV and games industries for seven years. He has worked as a feature script assessor for the major film studios, and has developed a science fiction television series for Fox Studios Australia. He also guest lectures in Game Design, Video Games History and Game Writing at Charles Sturt and Flinders Universities, and was a judge for the national 2002 Faulding Awards for Multimedia. Anyone who happened to go to this ?

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Didn't go but Joe Velikovsky did the IKON thing at the AGDC last year. Great stuff.