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Save anywhere

Posted by souri on Sat, 17/05/03 - 12:35 AM

So John Carmack mentions that there won't be a 'save anywhere' option in Doom III, causing a bit of an outcry from some gamers. What's your opinion on 'save anywhere' vs 'strategic save points' ? Which do you prefer, and why? Does it matter that much to you either way? Or has there been any certain games where you just wished they had used the other save system?

Submitted by Neilb on Fri, 06/08/04 - 9:59 AM Permalink

Second day of playing Doom3 and yes- it did end up with a "Save anywhere" feature (what this topic started on). It's even nice enough to save at the start of each level (like quite a few games).

I think it works well since:

  • the game is immersive enough that half the time your just keeping on your toes looking out for the next zombie or those ^%$# spiders and not thinking of saving
  • since the game is scripted and not randomly spawning bad guys replaying large sections cause you couldn't save anywhere would make the game tedious- I hated the way splinter cell made me do the same bloody things over and over - spending two minutes of easy gameplay to get to the bit where I usually died, and then I'd have to repeat this again...ARggghhh!!
  • it basically keeps the game moving forwards and even though I've only got my chaingun a short time ago (on level 4 i think) the game seems to have quite a bit to go.

First thing i want to make as a slight mod for Doom3 is a "reload monkey" that does an auto reload when enemies are a certain distance away and ammo loaded is low. This might take away some of those hectic bits of gameplay though......

Submitted by 3MMAI on Tue, 07/09/04 - 10:54 PM Permalink

i prefer "save anywhere". I only have a short time to play games and if run out of time and haven't got to a save point i get really sh177y!!

i also feel that strategic saves are forcing the game on me, i HAVE to play on or i won't be able to save, which takes a little bit of the fun out off it for me.