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Australian Games Developer Awards 2002 article

Posted by souri on Sat, 01/03/03 - 3:35 AM

Yes! I got responses from ALL (except one) of the winners from the Australian Games Developer Conference Awards 2002!! Post your thoughts and comments on the article here!!

Submitted by Sertan on Sat, 01/03/03 - 4:37 AM Permalink

Adam Lancman... Australia's Hiroshi Yamauchi (if I am talking about the right guy here, that being Nintendo's long-time president, now retired... [?])?

Steve Wang... someone from Microforte will be evaluating my DT project which should be nice. [:)]

Jonathan Chey... being a superhero fan, I lapped Freedom Force almost immediately. I say 'almost' because my pocket doesn't go that deep. [;)]

Steve Stamatiadis... Krome Studios developed Halloween Harry!? I love that game! Never played Amazon Queen... unless Jill of the Jungle is the same game with a different name.

Daniel Visser... I read about Melodie Mars in an issue of Atomic. Pretty interesting stuff, and looked pretty to boot.

That was a great article, Souri. Good stuff. [:)]

We like a man who comes right out and says what he thinks - when he agrees with us.

Submitted by Brain on Sat, 01/03/03 - 9:17 AM Permalink

You haven't played Flight of the Amazon Queen!?! OMG!!!!

I think I may have played it before Monkey Island, so it has a rather special place in my heart. @:-)

Chris Bowden

Submitted by souri on Sat, 01/03/03 - 12:46 PM Permalink

I'm pretty interested in seeing how Infogrames Melbourne House tackle the Transformers Armada title.. I grew up in the 80's and I loved the cartoon show and movie - but the developers at that time (I think it was Ocean) made a really cheesy and extremely disappointing c64 game.. You had to go around and collect pieces of the emblem, and if you did one tiny mistake - Boom.. start over at the beginning spawn point. [:)] I wonder how IMH will implement the transforming robot idea as part of the game design..
Krome made Halloween Harry when they were Binary Illusions, I think.. very early days..

Submitted by Cam on Sat, 01/03/03 - 9:53 PM Permalink

omg - you MUST go out and find a copy of Flight Of The Amazon Queen - where else will you find a character named Joe Cool and have him fight of an evil scientist bent on turning the worlds last amazons into dinosaur women?!? oh.. and what other game has you dressing in drag to fool the mafia huh?

Submitted by Sertan on Sat, 01/03/03 - 10:29 PM Permalink

Well... I played one classic Krome game. That should be good enough... shouldn't it?

And just out of curiosity, you wouldn't happen to be Cam Shea now, would you?

We like a man who comes right out and says what he thinks - when he agrees with us.