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BigWorld Technology case study by Sertan

Posted by souri on Wed, 12/03/03 - 7:14 AM

All comments on Sertan's case study on BigWorld here! (article at )

Submitted by Daemin on Wed, 12/03/03 - 8:54 AM Permalink

The article is brief, and from what I was required to do in Year 12 Modern History I can understand why. Perhaps if a few of the sections were compressed and a few titles removed it might make the essay seem "beefier".

Only thing I can tell Sertan is that he needs to make the introduction shorter and to use referencing more in his essays. (Right now at Uni I'm learning all how to do referencing etc so I guess I notice it more now).

Submitted by Sertan on Thu, 13/03/03 - 5:51 AM Permalink

It was going to be roughly 3500-4000 words, but I had to cut it down when I realised it could only be 900-1100. Even though I ended up with about 1800 words, I couldn't cut it anymore. The teacher was fine with it though. Oh, well. Maybe I'll write up something better next time. [;)]

And thank you very much, Souri. I'm especially happy that you kept the case study as it is. Thank you. I'm very grateful. [:)]

- Sertan Saral