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Free Play meetup?

Posted by MoonUnit on Fri, 08/07/05 - 10:47 PM

Ok so sumeans usually get together for a conference the night before or some such to eat grease food and chatter happily and in the past the food court in southbank has served us well, i just wanted to start this thread as a sort of show of hands as to whos interested in coming for dinner on what would be thursday the 14th.

Submitted by souri on Sun, 10/07/05 - 2:49 PM Permalink

I think I am flying in late Thursday night [:(]

Submitted by Travertine on Fri, 15/07/05 - 2:24 AM Permalink

So is Anyone going to meet this evening?

This thread seems very quiet, are any of the guys who came down last
year coming along again?

I'm probably a bit busy to come along to the whole thing this year
but maybe I'll get along some time over the weekend, unless it's all sold out of course.



Submitted by lorien on Fri, 15/07/05 - 2:48 AM Permalink

I suspect most people are going to the IGDA meeting (and wish I wasn't already committed to something else)

Submitted by Caroo on Fri, 15/07/05 - 4:42 AM Permalink

IM GOING!.. friday.. if you see a guy whereing a "runchy" furry t-shert.. that'll be me. come up and say hi to me, I'm a pritty nice guy and love to exchange greatings, ideas and criteqe on a few aussie made games.

Submitted by Makk on Wed, 20/07/05 - 8:50 AM Permalink


...on Saturday. yeah, went down LATE friday night and decided to check it out.

was pretty cool. You may have seen me, I was wearing a white hooded top with blue jeans and white shoes.
The lessons learned from an indie start up and the talk on cinematography were the highlights, especially the latter. Didnt get to see the end of the games graphics programming session which was a shame, wanted to hear about the section on normal mapping.

Anyway, it was a pity I didnt get to post this up before Saturday, though you never know, I could have walked straight past you!

Submitted by MoonUnit on Thu, 21/07/05 - 1:45 AM Permalink

I didnt even get to go en the end :( something came up with my actual work and i couldnt go to any days. Got my work done though!