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AGDC 2005 Entry price changes

Posted by souri on Thu, 22/09/05 - 4:19 AM

It looks like the [url=""]AGDC 2005 entry price[/url] has changed a little bit. 3 day delegation has come down, student entry has gone slightly up.

Anyway, does anyone know of the entry price changes for the last 7 years? I'm sure we can compile something. I remember the 3 day delegation pass increased $100 for two consecutive years. It would be nice to have a small chart of the changes, just for curiosity sakes.

I'm glad at least the 3 day delegation pass has come down. [url=""]Maybe the Sumea vote[/url] had a contributing influence in that? (who knows)

Submitted by LiveWire on Thu, 22/09/05 - 8:46 AM Permalink

I like the fact that the expo pass is now free, it's a good way to encourage the public to come in and have a look at what's going. As a cost, even a low $15, would put people off if they have little to no interest in games, but being free means that anyone sligtly curious or with nothing better to do might have a look anyway - a nice way to help the industry grow.

i still think the delegate pass is a rip though, where there the number and quality of presentations as the GDC in the US, i'd pay that price, but AGDC is too small to justify the current price in my oppinion.

Submitted by souri on Thu, 22/09/05 - 9:13 PM Permalink

Ok, some clever person has pointed out that the conference has been shortened to 2 days now, so the prices have indeed gone up quite a bit. o_O (unless they're still working on the first day schedule? It's unlikely though since the (opening?) keynote is in the afternoon)

Submitted by MoonUnit on Fri, 23/09/05 - 1:19 AM Permalink

0.o ... if your going to increase the price of any section... why the students? Wont see you there this year guys.

Submitted by lorien on Fri, 23/09/05 - 1:24 AM Permalink

Needless to say I'm not going... Being put up for sale at a conference once is quite enough thank you.

But how the hell do you people justify putting the general student price up, and letting your own students in free. Let's all subsidise the AIE some more.

I hope you people aren't going to give yourselves a stand that's 20% larger than anyone else can buy this year (they have in the past, I've been an AGDC volunteer).

Submitted by lorien on Fri, 23/09/05 - 3:25 AM Permalink

A suitable reaction that springs to mind is a general boycott. NOT just non-aie students, but everyone.

Perhaps AIE staff and management need to be made completely unwelcome at freeplay too.

Hope you people enjoy making your own graduates flame you.

Submitted by lorien on Fri, 23/09/05 - 4:06 AM Permalink

One more little not widely known fact about the AGDC: when I was an AIE student we got a substantial discount off the normal student prices. I think it was a special internal registration form- at least it had a special checkbox and cheaper price for AIE students. Don't know if they've still been doing it, this was 2002- the first year that Pon Chauline started organising the conference.

Submitted by Jacana on Fri, 23/09/05 - 5:23 PM Permalink

Lorien - go create a Why I hate AIE blog and stop taking over threads like this to go on about your chip from AIE.

Submitted by lorien on Fri, 23/09/05 - 9:12 PM Permalink

You seem a little pissed-off Jacana [:D] Good. What do others think? If sumea wants me to shut up of course I will. If it's just stooges like Jacana then I won't [:)]

What do you think Souri?

Submitted by cutty on Fri, 23/09/05 - 10:08 PM Permalink

As for me i'm against censoring anyone but i am curious as to why Lorien seems so pissed off at the AIE..

(Btw i'm a current student there)..just on free entry for AIE students, is that confirmed? I have not heard that but maybe i've just not been paying attention.

Submitted by LiveWire on Fri, 23/09/05 - 10:49 PM Permalink

i think there is another thread in which lorien goes into all that. in the education section as well i think. i'm against censoring anywone aswell in most cases, though i am against insults

Submitted by lorien on Fri, 23/09/05 - 10:56 PM Permalink

I can tell when I get close to the mark because Jacana starts complaining... [:)]

I think I've been on topic here, which one small deviation- the bigger stands.

You'll notice if you search through all my posts that I've never personally insulted anyone on sumea before. I've been posting here for quite a while now.

I don't hate the AIE btw. I hate sleazy, dirty business practices and dishonesty. IMHO they have both in plenty. As soon as they start behaving (and keep on behaving) in a more ethical fasion I'll have no problem with them.

Submitted by lorien on Sat, 24/09/05 - 1:54 AM Permalink

One point that is of topic, but needed: Jacana accused me of hijacking this thread and ones like it. I assume she's referring to Zoot's thread "attention all game dev graduates", which is where she last complained. J.I. Styles said something about hijacking too. Zoot happens to largely agree with me, and didn't mind in the slightest [:)] I wouldn't post if I thought I was hijacking.

Submitted by souri on Sat, 24/09/05 - 2:22 AM Permalink

I can understand where both Jacana and Lorien are coming from. Lorien is however on topic), but I can understand what Jacana is saying. Try to keep it more relevent to the topic rather than steering this into another anti AIE establishment thread. There'll be no censorship here, if you want to make a thread about the AIE and write whatever you like, be my guest.
That's not to say I don't appreciate Loriens comments. I'm glad someone's bringing the issue up, but try not to steer this thread off track.

Anyway, I've recieved some facts about the AGDC pricing:

*History of Registration Prices*
2005 Early-Bird Registrations $660 (decrease of $140), Student Price $275 (first price increase since 2002)
2004 Early-Bird Registrations $800, Student Price $250
2003 Early-Bird Registrations $800, Student Price $250
2002 Early-Bird Registrations $800 (decrease of $95), Student Price $250
2001 Registration $895, Student Price $199
2000 Registration $895, Student Price $250
1999 Early-Bird Registration $375, Student $250

*Conference Duration*
For the past two years AGDC has been held for approximately 2.5 days the configuration of the half days are listed below and there is no more than 3hrs difference between them.
2003 Conference Sessions: 9am Start, 11:30 finish (Sunday)
2004 Conference Sessions: 12noon Start, 5pm Finish (Thursday)
2005 Conference Sessions: 5pm Start, 7pm Finish (Thursday)

*AIE Education Student Registrations*
As *advertised* on multiple publications by AIE Education, AIE *Education* is offering free registration for this year?s diploma of computer game development students only. AIE Education still pays registration fees to *Interactive Entertainment Events *(it is simply a benefit offered by AIE Education to their students).

*This Years Program*
Please be aware that the program on the website is still being updated with information that we are unable to divulge at this stage?So stay tuned!

Submitted by lorien on Sat, 24/09/05 - 4:04 AM Permalink

I think it was $160 or thereabouts if you were an AIE student in 2002. Might have been $120. Perhaps someone else can provide the actual figure? What did AIE students pay last year?

Submitted by pb on Sat, 24/09/05 - 5:23 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by Jacana

Lorien - go create a Why I hate AIE blog and stop taking over threads like this to go on about your chip from AIE.

This is the EDUCATION forum, and this is a thread about AGDC prices that include discounts for people associated with a particular EDUCATIONAL organisation, that seems like a legitimate thing to complain about (as well as defend). What's the big deal?


Submitted by lorien on Sat, 24/09/05 - 6:22 AM Permalink

pb, you have to know Jacana. I choose my insults carefully [:)]

Submitted by LiveWire on Sat, 24/09/05 - 6:36 AM Permalink

i think (though i'm not sure if i'm accurate) that there are also less seminars on per day this year as well. don't quote me on that though, i had a quick count earlier today at work and i think there were two or three less, though the blank spaces might yet to be filled in - though some are filled in TBA, so who knows. i'll wait until i see the full schedule before i pass judgment and buy my ticket, but at the moment i'm not liking this paying more for less business.

Submitted by J I Styles on Sat, 24/09/05 - 7:01 PM Permalink

More onto the topic of this thread, I don't agree with the direction AGDC is going at all really. It's really not worth my money at that price for what I'm getting. One thing I feel fairly strongly about is I don't care about getting pissed at the "big party night" to hear everyones bitch about so-and-so company and I certainly don't want to see the immature actions of all the kiddies running around plastered trying to down as much as possible, to then be seen projectile vomitting outside 3 hours later. Ya know, free drinks sounds all well and good, but when people need to pay for them themselves, there's a bigger incentive to not act like a retard.

Now, I really do hate to add to the fire, but I really do agree with souri on this. Nobodies here to censor anyone, but really! I just find this whole thing rude, angry, and immature... wow. I feel dirty. It's pretty widely known that Lorien holds quite a gripe against the AIE. That's fine, you're more than entitled to your feelings views and opinions - But personally I really don't enjoy having to wade through 3 posts in a row to read about the proposed formulated plan of attack against them. Fight the system! champion your cause! Rally the troops! I don't give a shit either way to be completely honest... but I do however give a shit about bending discussions into that, personal attacks against other members, and generally flaming all over this forum. With that said, I am more than happy to see you create a thread for it. I can make one for you if you like. I just don't understand that if you're so actively against the AIE, if you so strongly feel that you haven't got what you wanted from them after nearly 4 years, then why not sue?

Submitted by lorien on Sat, 24/09/05 - 8:14 PM Permalink

Heehee :)

You hit it right on the head about the piss-up JI.

I think I've made it very clear that I don't care about what the aie did to my classmates (like Sorceror Bob, a former sumea moderator) and myself. Most of us call them loads of really nasty names in private, but it's water under the bridge. Hence I haven't sued. There are other reasons, which I'm not about to put up on sumea, not because they reflect on me at all, but because having them out in public would do much more harm than good.

What I do care about is everyone getting a fair go. Strangely enough that seems to be exactly what the AIE don't want- hence these dirty tricks.

As graduates, many of us tell prospective students to go anywhere else. This includes some graduates they quote in marketing material.

I feel rather insulted by Jacana, I don't see you telling her off.

Good to see you sticking up for the little people the AIE and games industry stomps on btw.

Edit: If you'd prefer I'd be fine with flaming in the national media with copies sent to DEET, MMV, and my local MP [:)]

Submitted by pb on Sat, 24/09/05 - 8:23 PM Permalink

More onto the topic of this thread, I don't agree with the direction AGDC is going at all really. It's really not worth my money at that price for what I'm getting. One thing I feel fairly strongly about is I don't care about getting pissed at the "big party night" to hear everyones bitch about so-and-so company and I certainly don't want to see the immature actions of all the kiddies running around plastered trying to down as much as possible, to then be seen projectile vomitting outside 3 hours later. Ya know, free drinks sounds all well and good, but when people need to pay for them themselves, there's a bigger incentive to not act like a retard.

[?] Going to get pissed with other developers and getting gossip on all the companies is my favourite part! Personally its the one millionth presentation on how to do path-finding/shadows/pixel-shaders/blah or worse still, sessions about why ATI/Nvidia/Whoever kick arse (disguised as some technical session) or even another boring whine about our game ratings system (there's no R, its inconsistent, OK, we know) that I find myself not caring about.


Submitted by lorien on Sat, 24/09/05 - 8:45 PM Permalink

Pete, I think I'd like to meetup next time I'm in Sydney or you're in Melbourne... [:)]

Edit: interesting that there didn't seem to be much behaving like idiots or throwing up at the last two free booze events at freeplay don't you think?

Submitted by Mdobele on Sun, 25/09/05 - 5:03 AM Permalink

Lol the only guy I saw actually puking up was an actuall Game Developer. Atari's Qa Manager / Lead / Tester ( one of them ) during the small party held in the actuall events hotel lounge. The staff were most pleased.


I am holding out untill the list of lectures is final before I make my decision. Dont mind if I miss the early bird.... that ole student card is good till december [;)]

Submitted by LiveWire on Sun, 25/09/05 - 6:09 AM Permalink

exactly what i'm waiting for as well. The student price may have gone up, but that's only by a little bit, what i'm most annoyed at is the massive reductions in the schedule, creating a far greater price hike than the small raise in fees. but i've already been over that, so i wont go into it again (even though, well, i just did). either way i am not likly to go to AGDC again if this trend continues. the GDC seems like much better value (albeit at a greater total cost) - or even just buying the GDC audio files on cd!

Submitted by lorien on Sun, 25/09/05 - 11:28 PM Permalink

Don't forget they've changed to what is likely a cheaper venue too. Jeff's shed (the melbourne convention centre, named after former premier Jeff Kennet) is probably the priciest venue in town. "Federation square" is a rather vague venue btw, it includes ACMI, SBS, a tourist info centre, a bar, a cafe, a 7-11, and a few other things. Where is the conference actually going to be? I think it's safe to assume it won't be the 7-11... [:)] How much does the venue cost? How much did Jeff's Shed cost?

Submitted by rgsymons on Tue, 27/09/05 - 10:42 AM Permalink

As announced to GDAA members recently, the GDAA will run it's own conference in 2006. The GDAA remains supportive of the AGDC for 2005.

The GDAA does not exclude anyone. The GDAA welcomes new members and member companies and has consistently put this view. I would encourage all to join, have some input, and help support our industry.

I hope this response may clear up some misconceptions in this thread and elsewhere.



Submitted by lorien on Tue, 27/09/05 - 9:09 PM Permalink

Perhaps you would like to plainly explain the financial relationship between the GDAA, AIE, MF and AGDC for us all? Where did my AIE student fees (I was on a partial scholarship) that were given to the GDAA go?

Submitted by lorien on Tue, 27/09/05 - 10:22 PM Permalink

I find it interesting to note that the first GDC was held in Chris Crawfords's living room. The first AGDC was held in a casino. I haven't been to the GDC, but to me it illustrates something about the character of the AGDC. I was at the first one in Sydney in 1999.

What sort of venue will this new conference be in?

As a former AIE student I've been a GDAA sponsor haven't I? Answers please.

Submitted by CynicalFan on Tue, 27/09/05 - 11:47 PM Permalink

Well, well, what is this !? Are we to believe that the dinosaurs have changed or just changed their outward appearance ? And what has brought this need for change in the GDAA exactly ? Do the dinosaurs smell their looming extinction on the horizon, is that perhaps the case ?

Anyhow, does this mean that we are to have 3 conferences next year, the AGDC, Free Play and another sponsored by the GDAA ? Or does this mean the death of the AGDC, and the birth of something new, or under the guise of being something new to throw the critics and cynics off your scent ?

And what is this new conference to be, real collaborative discussion, or a dressed up trade show where companies market themselves to local and international developers and publishers ? An attempt to push and keep Australia a fee-for-service development region in the face of reason and long-term sustainability ? the stubbornness of an aging order to face reality and the overwhelming need for change.

Anyway, there is something else I would like to say on this thread and that is that I have no problems whatsoever with Lorien saying what is on his mind and stating his opinions. At least he has the courage to do so unlike the spineless majority that either say nothing or go along with status-quo.

It is also refreshing when someone states their opinions without having it sound like some kind of hippy ?we can all learn to work together? and ?let?s not rock-the-boat? crap that just makes me want to throw-up, as I find it all very shallow in effect, that leads to nothing other than more of the same.

Submitted by rgsymons on Wed, 28/09/05 - 7:53 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by lorien

As a former AIE student I've been a GDAA sponsor haven't I? Answers please.

If the AIE chose to sponsor the GDAA it is a long bow to suggest that all students automatically become members or sponsors of the GDAA.

It is key that people understand the difference between the GDAA and the group of companies AIE, MF, and AGDC. I am not related or in any way responsible for the latter three, I am currently on the board of the GDAA.

The rules and regulations of the GDAA are on the website, it is transparent and there for all to see. If you want things changed at the GDAA then join and vote, as said, and despite the unwarranted sniping of the GDAA here, all are welcome and are encouraged to join.

Seriously, this news is a very positive move.... I hope that people here have good ideas to share on what they want to see in a conference.



Submitted by LiveWire on Wed, 28/09/05 - 7:21 PM Permalink

weather AGDC or Freeplay or something else, i think Australia needs an anual games conference. Australia has a fast growing industry capable of high quality work. A conference where people can share experience and ideas is vital to the continued growth. Personally i think it should be independant and non-profit, if it's commecially minded or run and funded by a particular games company or education institute then you run the risk of it having priorities other than the continued growth and development of the industry.