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Melbourne and Sydney Games companies

Posted by Al on Sat, 24/09/05 - 12:38 AM

Hi, is there a list of games companies in Melbourne and Sydney available somewhere? I'd like to spam some companies with my showreel. :)

Thanks in advance!

Submitted by Al on Sat, 24/09/05 - 3:11 AM Permalink

Ah so it is. Much thanks.

Submitted by Djenx on Sat, 24/09/05 - 7:09 PM Permalink

thanks mcdrewski, didn't know we had a Dev list.

Submitted by WiffleCube on Sat, 24/09/05 - 11:25 PM Permalink

Great, good for finding the odd job for the odd bob. [8D]

One thing I've found with Sumea is that you'll stumble upon a goldmine of information that's always been there, hidden away in a link. It's a bit like finding a 'secret area' in a game.

Submitted by souri on Sun, 25/09/05 - 1:33 AM Permalink

It's so much more than a developer list though! It's a huge part of Sumea. You can go to a developers profile and find what games they've done or working on (including pics, links, comments). From there you can find all the related news posted on Sumea about that particular developer, which could include job postings, interviews, games news and updates etc. If you ever needed to know anything about a particular developer, it's a pretty good resource.