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Destroy All Humans! release

Posted by redwyre on Mon, 27/06/05 - 1:05 AM

Destroy All Humans! was released on tuesday, so if you don't have it go and grab your copy for Xbox or PS2 now!

(PS2 version, Xbox version, Plan 9 pre-order DVD, Soundtrack, my shoe)

Has anyone played it yet?

Submitted by 3DArty on Mon, 27/06/05 - 2:13 AM Permalink

What No PC well that sux.:p
I dont have a Xbox or PS2.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Mon, 27/06/05 - 4:17 AM Permalink

I wish :( it looks like such a fun game but i dont have the moolah. Ill def pick it up one day, time will tell if that day will come soon or like after the next consoles have been released and i can get it cheap.... i really need a better part time job

Submitted by Caroo on Mon, 27/06/05 - 5:51 AM Permalink

i own it on PS2. ^^awesomely fun game. A love the Pandemic starting logo (you'll find out why when you play it)Picking up cows and flinging them is the most funist thing. And the voice actor of ZIM of Invader zim is in it.. Major selling point for a cartoon nut like myself.

The final hud was a good design choise.. i watches the extras and was happly pleased. although really i wish the swear words wern't bliped out. and the remake of the tatts theme is awesome. <.< where do i get the soundtrack?

very good game. <.< i know its american 1950's storyline but an outside american level would hit the spot. maybe a hidden level of brisbane to blow up? complete with miniture game studios.

Submitted by souri on Mon, 27/06/05 - 7:44 AM Permalink

Sumea's received an email protesting against Destroy All Humans! O_o

quote:To Whom it May Concern"

My name is (name removed) and am writing with the intention of protest against Pandemic Studios' creation of Attack all Humans. This video game is not healthy for our kids who are at their most impressionable stages of their lives.

In this world in which humanity is still going through the pangs of prejudice and discrimination, this video game does not provide hope for the unification of the human race.

Sure it's just a game, however, many kids will be affected negetively by it; and this more than anything is my concerned. I would appreciate a public censor of the video. Do not let the "bottom line" determine that fate of our kids. Thank you for reading.

Submitted by mcdrewski on Mon, 27/06/05 - 8:52 AM Permalink

Oh, won't somebody please think of the children!

Next you'll have kids [url=""]pushing old ladies into ovens and burning them alive[/url], [url=""]timberworkers disembowelling wolves while they're sleeping and filling the cavity with stones[/url] and generally mimicing all sorts of things they hear in stories.


Anyhoo - Game looks fantastic, and I'll get me a copy on the day I get an Xbox or PS2 :)

Congratulations Pandemic Aus.

Submitted by redwyre on Mon, 27/06/05 - 11:24 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by Caroo

The final hud was a good design choise.. i watches the extras and was happly pleased. although really i wish the swear words wern't bliped out.

iirc, the words that were blipped out were done so more for legal reasons (though I don't know what was said so don't bother asking)

and the remake of the tatts theme is awesome. <.< where do i get the soundtrack?

I'm not sure... Some places had it as part of a pre-order deal. It's very cool though [:D]

quote:Originally posted by Souri

Sumea's received an email protesting against Destroy All Humans! O_o

Nice to know they paid enought attention to get the title right... And what do they expect you to do?

Submitted by LiveWire on Mon, 27/06/05 - 7:27 PM Permalink

dang i thought it was going to be on all consoles, i only have a GC. maybe i can convince my fried to by a copy for his PS2 so i can play it...

Submitted by WiffleCube on Mon, 04/07/05 - 11:37 PM Permalink

redwyre: Worked on a front-line commercial game? Woot [8D].

3DArty: Buying an XBox is a good idea- you could use
the DVD player for films (if you buy the handset), and
it's a nice bridge for a PC user. Apart from being able
to play Kill All Humans there are some good titles
emerging like Bioware's Jade Empire.

Submitted by 3DArty on Tue, 05/07/05 - 1:56 AM Permalink

Thx I see what I can do im still not working as yet so it will have to wait till I start working, then I can go and buy one.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Tue, 05/07/05 - 10:38 PM Permalink

hey i saw the cinema advertisement just before war of the worlds (is it screening before other movies aswell? cause war of the worlds was a nice choice :P ) and that was damn funny.

Submitted by AntsZ on Tue, 05/07/05 - 10:47 PM Permalink

hey 3DArty i think you can get a 2nd hand Xbox from Eb for about $150

Submitted by Caroo on Wed, 06/07/05 - 1:54 AM Permalink

Well. I?ve played it and finished it. It was a fun game. I liked it. Not to frustrating although.. Things go unanswered in the end and I found 3 pretty annoying bugs within the game.

Mind you. This is for the PS2 version:

BUG 1: Why does my spaceship stop and freeze in mid air? (This happened twice in the game. just froze and didn't move until I was blown out of the sky)

Bug 2: Fantastic freezing in mid air cars! This happened 3 times. all with the G-man cars. after throwing them they just.. Froze in mid air, and didn?t move until contacted by ether Crypto or his weapon or mind ability.

Bug 3: Jumping Bebop music! This only started to occur in the last half of the game. Mainly with the G-man music. Although considering that the music is more then likely flagged at different intervals this bug would be hard to get rid of.

Only the first bug has a... frustrating effect on the gameplay. The other two are minor. And not every bug in a game can be fixed.. I'm just giving you guys some feedback.. and as far as the game itself goes I have one only complaint.

You sold yourselves out in terms of earning extras.. The furogami and movie playing section of the archives could of been earned through game play.. but as soon as you start the game all the extras are already there.. what?s up with that?

Submitted by WiffleCube on Wed, 06/07/05 - 6:34 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by redwyre

*glares at WiffleCube*

Apologies for inadvertently jacking your thread with XBox advertising [;)].

Submitted by redwyre on Thu, 07/07/05 - 8:18 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by WiffleCube

quote:Originally posted by redwyre

*glares at WiffleCube*

Apologies for inadvertently jacking your thread with XBox advertising [;)].


Submitted by WiffleCube on Sat, 09/07/05 - 9:21 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by redwyre


Must have been thinking of that Futurama episode:

Bender: Zzzz Must kill all humans..
Fry: *shiver*
Bender: Zzzzz Hey baby..
Fry: *relief*
Bender: ..wanna kill all humans?

Submitted by Tim on Wed, 27/07/05 - 7:34 AM Permalink

I thought I would add my two cents to this thread. I help with Dissecta, and we did some door prizes for the last Dissecta event, gave out two retail copies of the game provided by THQ; anyway, as one of the perks, I was lucky to also get a promo copy of the game (full copy but not for retail sale). Finished it; one of the most enjoyable games I have played in a while; the 1950s feel was really captured well and it is like they made it unique to DAH!

THQ had said in a recent financial report DAH! would be one of two key games for the US summer, and the game really is superb. So all round, real cool game and the 'making of' movies and other pieces was watched with interest, a great credit to the Australian industry. As part of some of the promo THQ did for the game they also made a promo only sound track CD, with a couple of DJs (US guys) remixing 50s hits and adding new stuff: so we have scored a box of DAH! soundtrack CDs, and are giving one out to each audience member at our 23 August event in Melbourne. So that's pretty cool!

While I am here, many thanks to Souri for helping us with promoting the Dissetca events on Sumea - thanks Souri!

Submitted by souri on Wed, 12/10/05 - 12:32 AM Permalink

Hey, my pleasure [:)]

Just realised today that the magazine which came with my copy of Battlefield 2 (the retailer chucked in a free copy of PC Powerplay) has an interview with Redwyre on Destroy All Humans! "Oh, one thing that surprised me is how many people there are that are married or getting married. Programmers with girlfriends? What is the world coming to?!" [:D]

Submitted by J I Styles on Wed, 12/10/05 - 2:54 AM Permalink

awww! we need to get that scanned and put up here if legally possible!

Submitted by Jacana on Wed, 12/10/05 - 4:42 AM Permalink

Oooo! I never heard that Red did an interview. I'd love to see it.

Submitted by souri on Fri, 14/10/05 - 3:08 PM Permalink

I could take some digital camera shots, but I seem to have misplaced my usb cable for it [:(] When I do find it, I will post them up.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 19/10/05 - 12:33 PM Permalink

Hey, cough it up. I'm sure you've got a scan of it somewhere [:D]

Submitted by redwyre on Fri, 21/10/05 - 12:22 AM Permalink

Honestly, I totally forgot about it. I did it months ago. What edition is it in?

Submitted by souri on Wed, 26/10/05 - 2:46 PM Permalink

PC PowerPlay Issue #112, May 2005, where they have a special on getting in the games industry. Paul McInnes/MicroForte is in there about Game Design, George Stamatiadis/Krome about game audio, Andrew James and Ben Lee/Irrational Games on game art. Still looking for my darn usb cable so I can put up some camera shots of it.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Fri, 20/01/06 - 12:57 AM Permalink

Speaking of destroy all humans, allthough i know we mumble grumble at hiring games in this industry in some respects i did hire the game recntly and have been meaning to tell you guys that i thought it was just brilliant. I had a blast playing and especially loved the sense of humour (massive credit to the voice actors and script writers (yay horvitz!)), all the movie references and such were neat to spot aswell. I love the fact you also on occasion took the piss out of games themselves ("for highly complex and technical reasons this must be completed within 3 minutes now lets never speak of this again"). Well essentially i thought it was great, a credit to all of you.

Submitted by mcdrewski on Fri, 20/01/06 - 2:28 AM Permalink

yeah, I'm playing it through now and I'm really enjoying it. Even worse than hiring it though, I bought it second-hand [:P]

Submitted by J I Styles on Sun, 22/01/06 - 9:27 PM Permalink

bastards +1

I'd finished the xbox version last month [:)]
Hell... I even enjoyed the evolution, looking at all the different builds. I remember seeing it at the point where the buildings where a lot more destructible while up in Brisbane, so unfortunately I was a little disappointed at the detail of the destruction being ramped down, but it was still an awesome play.

...even watched through "teenagers from outer space"... [8]

Looking forward to seeing where Pandemic heads, especially with the new "resources" I assume where gained in the business alliance [;)]