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Glaring obmission on Krome's history page

Posted by souri on Thu, 27/10/05 - 4:05 AM

I don't wanna be one to cause a controversey, but does anyone else think there's a glaring obmission on Krome's history page? [url=""]Have a look[/url]...

Submitted by mcdrewski on Thu, 27/10/05 - 8:43 AM Permalink

It's fairly normal in the corporate world to update your "resume" to only mention staff currently working at the company...

Submitted by J I Styles on Thu, 27/10/05 - 9:06 AM Permalink

To play devils advocate, it's one of those "morally unfair" things that are quite common in this industry; although on a personal level it's unfair to not give recognition and credit to John Passfield as a major contributor to kromes founding and history, looking at it from a business perspective, it's also quite an obvious and logical thing to want to omit. So in that regard it's a sound choice, and ultimately it's the company owners own history to write how they want it presented.

In terms of the "morally unfair" topic, it's similar to giving an outsourcing company that did 9/10th's of your art requirement no credit, or a 1 line mention under "additional art". Unfair to the individual, but unfortunately sound from the business perspective.