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Australian Publishers

Posted by rcumine on Wed, 26/03/03 - 10:06 PM

I am looking for Australia Game Publishers in Australia. Not world wide publishers such as THQ, UbiSoft.

I knwo f red Ant, but they are more game design (do they publish?)

Help Apreciated!


Submitted by Daemin on Wed, 26/03/03 - 11:22 PM Permalink

Infogrammes Melbourne House (I hope that was spelled correctly).

I believe that's the only Australian Publisher / Developer.

Submitted by rezn0r on Thu, 27/03/03 - 1:01 AM Permalink

Manaccom ( is still going. They are in MiltonBrisbane too. Kinda old school... I remember them publishing shareware back when that was king.


Submitted by rcumine on Thu, 27/03/03 - 2:37 AM Permalink

Do Red Ant publish games or simply a game developer?

Submitted by rezn0r on Thu, 27/03/03 - 2:49 AM Permalink

I'm pretty sure they're a publisher.


Submitted by souri on Thu, 27/03/03 - 7:20 AM Permalink

I thought Red Ant was a design studio (web, multimedia etc)..

Submitted by rezn0r on Thu, 27/03/03 - 7:25 AM Permalink

The Red Ant I'm thinking of releases old and budget titles in those small plastic cases. *has one here* is them.