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I’ve been meaning to post this video for a while, so without further delay, please enjoy. Hit me back with comments - good, sucks, boring? Let me know.

Submitted by Rado on Sat, 09/08/08 - 9:22 PM Permalink

Most impressive demo I've seen in quite some time. Is it all by yourself or part of teamwork ? I'd really love to put my hands on that engine

Submitted by StephenWade on Sun, 10/08/08 - 10:35 AM Permalink

Nice work! good start on the physical side of things too, did you use ogre or start from scratch?

Must remember to come up with a blooper reel myself some day :)

Submitted by Rado on Mon, 11/08/08 - 12:14 AM Permalink

Mate, it's awesome. If you'll ever find yourself in need of models ping me and I'll do my best to help.