Show Reel

I’ve been meaning to post this video for a while, so without further delay, please enjoy. Hit me back with comments - good, sucks, boring? Let me know.


Rado's picture

Most impressive demo I've seen in quite some time. Is it all by yourself or part of teamwork ? I'd really love to put my hands on that engine

TheRayTracer's picture

Hi Rado, Thanks. Everything in the reel was done 'lone wolf' style, and while I wouldn't call the framework an engine, I will be releasing the opengl framework in the coming weeks.

StephenWade's picture

Nice work! good start on the physical side of things too, did you use ogre or start from scratch?

Must remember to come up with a blooper reel myself some day :)

TheRayTracer's picture

With respect to the physics, OpenDE was used.

Rado's picture

Mate, it's awesome. If you'll ever find yourself in need of models ping me and I'll do my best to help.