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Where can I get a full design Document?


I'm not talking Design doc templates, or how-to guides, I've read plenty of them at and

I really want to read a full doc for a game, any game (Although preferably single player) Whether it got made or not.
Can someone help me? Surely one of you pro's out there can dig one up for me from an old title. [}:)][:)]

Submitted by davidcoen on Mon, 28/04/03 - 10:38 AM Permalink

including or not including crappy game concepts that amuse me while i spend hours on end producing art resources for other peoples projects? (have a folder of them... just .txt excises in game design...)

Submitted by Daemin on Mon, 28/04/03 - 12:09 PM Permalink

I would've suggested the one's on etc, AFAIK they have 1 game design document that was from a professionally produced game. I doubt that you'll be able to get any design documents that aren't already on your aformentioned sites.

I know all my Design Documents (except for the most recent one - but just barely) are probably far below standard.

Submitted by davidcoen on Tue, 29/04/03 - 11:00 AM Permalink

something i put some time into

something else i did a few days ago on the topic of 'farside mod' was a go at a far side game (fps) with the central concept of the other players being the wepons you pick up and throw around.... (hmmn, need to upload it somewhere, well, how about here)