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studio-gameOn: watch a game studio in action!

studio-gameOn needs you!
The team - thrown together for only six weeks - are making a casual game called B-MOVIE starring our very own STUNT MAN.

In the game you play the stunt man. You have to do your best work on some very crumby B movie sets, but the better your stunts, the more astounding, the more points you gain and the more movies you get invited to play in .. and who knows, one day you might even build up enough of a reputation to actually play in a block-buster film ..

You can help the stunt man (and the team make the game) by suggesting good (B) movies for him to play in and by suggesting good stunts for him to try in those movies!

Have a look on our forums and join in - help make B-Movie - the game and who knows you might get your name on the credits!

You can follow the game making process by reading the team’s development blogs here on this site. You can see the trials and tribulations of the process by looking at the collection of photos on our flickr site, you can watch bits and pieces of the process on our youtube channel - you can even follow our twitter stream and join our facebook event!

If you are interested in making games, watch and support the team during the whole game making process and get an insight into what it actually means to make games! The studio LIVE link here offers you a webcam of the studio and the team at work.

If you have some skills we are holding some open days where open day applicants are invited to contribute to the studio for the day - can you program, animate? Why not add some studio experience to your portfolio?

Applications for our open days are over on the studio forums. Open days are at the end of January and mid February.

Look for the game presentation at the State Library of Queensland, (Mid February - watch this space) and our studio representative on-site during the week on the second level of the library.

Submitted by Bittman on Wed, 21/01/09 - 10:56 PM Permalink

So far so good. I signed up on the forums and posted a couple of things. If anything, at least it's a unique project to undertake. Wish I was living in Brisbane at the moment...

Submitted by studio-gameOn on Fri, 23/01/09 - 12:01 PM Permalink

Cheers for that, Bittman (P.S, I really like your dp! KH ftw! -okay, fangirl side put away now-). We really appreciate the support.

Yes, surprisingly, this isn't spam. I'm Gemma and I'm working on the Design team and am the studio's sole marketer now. We genuinely are looking for public input, so thanks to everyone who has signed up over there.

You can leave messages here, too. I'll be checking all the major game forums regularly.

Cheers, guys.

~@ G.

Submitted by studio-gameOn on Fri, 30/01/09 - 3:18 PM Permalink

Just a quick update...

We start focus-testing next week: Wednesday-Friday. If you're interesting in doing a spot of free QA for us (we can promise Jelly snakes!), either PM or head over to the studio-gameOn forums and register your interest!