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Advice on game idea publishing

Posted by souri on Mon, 08/12/03 - 8:23 PM

This is a message sent to me through the Sumea feedback form. I have replied, but unforunately the email address supplied bounced back. I'm hoping Dug finds this thread and gets the advice he needs...

quote:I have a need to understand how to engage the game industry.

You may feel this is a bit of an odd request but here goes anyway......

My 9 year old daughter has just come up with an incredibly marketable idea for a traditional board game which is applicable to families and children from about 5 years old and upwards. She has already drawn up the first "version" - (a budding game developer??)

The idea is marketable to practically all children in the world and has a specific differentiator from all other games currently marketed.

There is a specific element related to the distribution channel of the game which also makes it particulary easy to market/sell.

In this day and age I expect the game could have an electronic, computer based version.

I need guidance on how one would engage particpants in your industry without the idea being simply taken and developed and marketed without some sort of editorial and financial control.

Can you or your members help?



Sounds like a promising idea. If you have any solutions or advice, please post it in here. My suggestion was that if he was in Melbourne, he could perhaps look into Film Victoria's Digital Media Fund Game Content Development....

Submitted by Red 5 on Mon, 08/12/03 - 11:28 PM Permalink

Best bet would be to fund, develop and market it through your own means... Government R&D grants, venture capital, business angels etc.
Unfortunately games publishers generally won't accept a game design on an idea alone and usually won't talk about specifics until an NDA is signed. Often you'll find there'll be a clause stating they might already be working on a very similar idea to yours.