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I need some suggestions for the main page vote poll. Question and a set of answers would be nice [:)].

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you havent done a poll on who wants the office of film and literature to enable games to get an R rating recently have you?

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yeah i think that was done at some point... or maybe it was just a forum discussion. You could allways do the PSP vs DS thing (with like a few more options like "i dont want either" "im sticking with my old GBA" etc)

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Makk should be president of the universe because....
A. He is super cool
B. He is super smart
C. He is super funky
D. All of the above
E. I didnt vote for D, but I secretly think thats the correct answer

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F. He is my illegitimate father.

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No! that's impossible!!!!

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G. he is helping me set the trend for eye themed avatars

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So many Sumean?s have eye themed avatars because:
A. They look cool
B. We are an egotistical bunch
C. Something to do with being arty
D. They are copying Makk
E. They are copying MoonUnit

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Pantmonger is:

A: not the Messiah.
B: a very naughty boy.
C: his own illegitimate father due to a wierd timeloop!! [:O]
D: standing behind me with a big knife......arghh!!! I didn't mean the wise crack about the gaffer tape and the donkey...nooo..please .....gurgle.....

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Need some suggestions for a new vote question/set of answers on the main page [:X]

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Have you done a 3D software poll yet?

"What software do you prefer to use to build 3D models?"

- 3D Studio Max
- Cinema 4D
- Lightwave
- Maya
- Wings 3D
- Zbrush

ect ect...

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We had something similar [url=""]about 3 years ago[/url] [:D] Might be worth trying again.

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Are you HD ready for the "next gen"?

What sort of Home Cinema vision do you use for gaming?:

- HD Plasma/LCD
- HD Projector
- SD Plasma/LCD
- SD Projector

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Where do you ultimately want to end up in games?

- Company support (HR/QA/secretarial)
- The grunt (coder/artist/etc)
- A grunt lead (director/lead programmer or artist)
- Management (external to content creation)
- Company management (CEO/founder/owner)
- The sidelines (Hobbyist/enthusiast)

The most important aspect of producing good graphics is:

- greater texture sizes and poly budgets
- the latest hardware accelerated features
- consistent art direction
- as much cleavage as possible

The most important skill for new game artists is:

- Modelling clean and optomised mesh
- Realistic texturing
- Believable and fluid animation
- traditional based art skills
- Jack of all trades, master of none

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how fast internet connection?

-[V]-56 kbit & <
-[:)]-256 kbit
-[;)]-512 kbit
-[8D]-1.5 mbit
-[:0]-6 mbit
-[8]-12 mbit & >

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Do you buy mobile phone games?
Bought more than 5
Bought 2-5
Bought 1
Would if my phone was cooler