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AGDC Sumea Gathering

Posted by Jacana on Tue, 02/09/03 - 7:01 PM

Ok :) Seems that its getting to that time of year again.

I think a get together of all the people at AGDC from Sumea would be a great. We got a bit of one going last year and it was great fun.

I was thinking about actually having two gatherings:
A pre AGDC "get to know each other" on the Thursday eve.
A Saturday night run around Melbourne after the Sony party.

So whos going and whos intersted! Any suggestions?

Submitted by inglis on Tue, 02/09/03 - 10:31 PM Permalink

i might go - if so. im interested :)

Submitted by Ninja on Wed, 03/09/03 - 2:19 AM Permalink

Im up for dat cheryl.... [:)] make sure J.I comes too [:)] c u guys / gals there [:)] i say we all wear sumea T-shirts [:)] hehe Souri u coming to melb too ?

Submitted by J I Styles on Wed, 03/09/03 - 2:31 AM Permalink

I'll only be coming if I miraculously win the sumea challenge - only way I can afford it I'm afraid :(

Submitted by Ninja on Wed, 03/09/03 - 2:42 AM Permalink

yeah a lot of mad artists are after that prize too [:)] it will be very very tight since we got heaps of kick arse entrants this round......

Submitted by Daemin on Wed, 03/09/03 - 3:17 AM Permalink

I am interested, but can't come to the thursday one as I'll probably just be getting into Melbourne on that day. Although the one after the sony party I'll definetly be at!

Submitted by Sorceror Bob on Wed, 03/09/03 - 1:00 PM Permalink

I'm in the same boat as joel it seems.

*pushes joel out of boat*

Submitted by TequilaBomber on Wed, 03/09/03 - 10:13 PM Permalink

Hmm.. I'm interested, since I live in Melbourne anyway. I went to last year's AGDC with a friend. Tho after the brainwashing by the Xbox lecture, we came out rather dizzy.. lol. R u guys doin' the full 3 day thingy?? Cos that's fairly costly.
Anyway, here's the link to the costs if anyone's interested.

Submitted by inglis on Fri, 05/09/03 - 2:04 AM Permalink

rule me out.

ill go to the gold coast indy :)..thatll only cost me 100$. [8D]

Submitted by Jacana on Fri, 05/09/03 - 10:46 PM Permalink

I figure that some of the people in and around Melbourne may want to drop by for the gatherings even if they can't afford to go to the AGDC itself :)

Submitted by Fluffy CatFood on Fri, 05/09/03 - 10:54 PM Permalink

If I have the money at the time Ill definitely be there(Doubtfull)although I may show up to the venue and try to find a free back entrance. I wouldnt mind meeting a few of the people around here, should be interesting.

Submitted by Blitz on Sat, 06/09/03 - 8:09 AM Permalink

Just get a $30 (or whatever) expo pass. No one was scrutinizing peoples passes last year so you could probably get into talks and stuff, and if not, you can still talk to people in the expo bit.
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by inglis on Sat, 06/09/03 - 9:43 AM Permalink

now they know your chance :)

Submitted by unknownuser7 on Tue, 16/09/03 - 11:19 PM Permalink

Why is it that i cannot seem to log onto agdc ? My web browser freuses to recognise the domain ?


Submitted by Blitz on Wed, 17/09/03 - 6:34 AM Permalink

It's working now,
It may have been down temporarily, microforte/aie's servers probably don't have the best uptimes in the world :)
CYer, Blitz

Submitted by awf on Thu, 16/10/03 - 3:22 AM Permalink

I live in Melbourne. So I'm interested.

Submitted by davidcoen on Thu, 16/10/03 - 9:37 AM Permalink

i am going to be there, regarless of possibly having the best collection of game company rejection letter in exsistance :) was hoping to find out who won the sumea challenge first though, oh well~

Submitted by Jacana on Tue, 04/11/03 - 7:34 AM Permalink

Ok guys :) We are getting close to AGDC time!

I would guess that if you are going you have booked by now - or at least knw you will be booking soon. So lets start getting some ideas of whos going, when people are avaiable, and what people are interested in.

I thought a 5:30 to 6:30pm meet time on the Thursday night at the Convention center would be good just to grab everyone and go out for a quick "hello dinner".

The big fun will be Saturday night after the Sony party. I thought Bar Code (is that the name?) of the games bar in Crown could be good fun for most everyone.

Just a note - if you plan to go out to Crown on Sat night I would suggest wearing at least smart casual.

Submitted by Damo on Wed, 05/11/03 - 9:09 AM Permalink

Hi Cheryl,

I can't really call myself a "Sumean" having only posted 3 times and I'm also not going to the AGDC, but I'm in Melbourne and doing some game development work in my free time. I'd be interested in going to the dinner if that's ok?

I assume by Thursday you mean the 20th?


Submitted by souri on Fri, 07/11/03 - 11:14 PM Permalink

There's currently 50 visitors who've voted that they're going to the AGDC this year... so where are you all? [:)] Any other regulars going to meet up? I would definately be in on this if I were going to be at the AGDC!

Submitted by Jacana on Sat, 08/11/03 - 12:58 AM Permalink

Hey Damo,

I think it would be great to get the locals to come along even if they arent showing up to AGDC. I know CombatWombat wont be going to AGDC but will come for the Thursday night dinner.

Also, I am expecting Ninja to come! *pokes Ninja*

CW suggested They are at Southbank and their prices dont look too bad. I ate there once ages ago and it was quite a nice meal.

BTW - for those who are coming and want to swap mobile numbers etc feel free to PM me or email

Submitted by tachyon on Sat, 08/11/03 - 1:03 AM Permalink

going to AGDC and stuff, i'll come to these dinner thingies as well, sounds like fun :)
I think u already got my number Cheryl.

Submitted by CombatWombat on Sat, 08/11/03 - 1:03 AM Permalink

Not going to AGDC but count me in for the Thursday thang... [:P]

A good place for dinner is - although it does have the drawback that they don't take bookings. Nice and close to the exhibition centre too.



Submitted by Jacana on Sat, 08/11/03 - 1:04 AM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by tachyon
going to AGDC and stuff, i'll come to these dinner thingies as well, sounds like fun :)
I think u already got my number Cheryl.

Yup Yup :) Sure do! Also would be good if we can get Matthew and Adam to come along!

Btw - did you ever get the topic list email? No reply from you on that!

Submitted by Ninja on Sat, 08/11/03 - 2:20 AM Permalink

hey cheryl count me in that dinner too [:D] looking forward to meeting you all [:)]

Submitted by sylvius on Sun, 09/11/03 - 10:05 PM Permalink

A stranger is knocking on the portals of Sumea.

"I humbly ask for an invitation to your meeting" he utters, brushing the dust of a long journey off his coat. Maybe his accent is a little strange, but he looks like an honest gamer...

/RPG off

I would be very happy if I may join you at your gathering. I am not really a sumean, apart from reading this forum since april this year [;)] I am a gameaudio guy from Berlin, and I will be visiting Melbourne for the AGDC.

Hoping to see you all soon

Submitted by Cam on Sun, 09/11/03 - 11:11 PM Permalink

quote:Originally posted by CombatWombat

A good place for dinner is -

yeh.. provided they at least eventually get to serving you your meal - few bad experiences there but overall its pretty neat.. the owners also have automatic at crown.. which is the same thing, different building.. same menu - heh.

i'd definately be up for a get to know everyone..

Submitted by souri on Mon, 10/11/03 - 2:55 AM Permalink

Anyone want to post a map with the conference and the dinner location so people know exactly where to go?