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Post your interest in Team C

Posted by tsumea on Thu, 12/02/09 - 3:16 PM

Hi guys, as mentioned in the news item, we want this team to work on larger scaled games. Please post your interest and ideas in this thread, as well as your skillset.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 12/02/09 - 5:31 PM Permalink

Hi, my name is Ray. I am looking for a 3D modeler/animator position here. I am a graduate from COFA in Sydney.

Here is my skillset:

Autodesk Maya – With 4 years experience on practicing from simple objects to realistic human modeling. Capable of animating, texturing, lighting and rendering complex 3D animations. Have good understanding on using Maya Hair, Particles and Mental Ray.

Zbrush – Have good understanding of the intricate interface. Use as an additional sculpting tool in conjunction with Maya to achieve a better result on realistic human modeling. Also able to create texture map through the use of Z-Mapper.

Adobe Photoshop – 5 years experience on image compositing and photo retouching. Able to create textures for 3D models confidently. Familiar with most tools and functions from the tool palette to the actions function.

Adobe After Effects – 3 years experience on compositing both 2D and 3D animations. Capable of applying various effects on videos and animations through an effective use of layers.

Final Cut Pro – Used as editing software for both video and sound files through the use of various tools. Able to integrate it with Maya and After Effects for an efficient production workflow.

Adobe InDesign – Usually integrate it with Photoshop to design professional layouts for print and digital publishing. Have experiences on designing business card, book layout, DVD and DVD case cover.

Macromedia Dreamweaver – Capable of designing web pages through the use of design interface and HTML coding. Also able to integrate Dreamweaver with other multimedia based files.

Macromedia Director – Have experience on creating interactive game for web design purposes. Able to navigate the complex interface with confidence.

I have been working as a freelancer for a while since I graduated. And I am hoping to gain some experiences in the game industry.

My email address is

Looking forward to your reply!

Submitted by souri on Fri, 13/02/09 - 2:52 AM Permalink

Keep your eyes peeled on this thread as we get some more interest. Be sure to register an account in the meantime though!

Submitted by souri on Wed, 18/02/09 - 1:38 AM Permalink

I have an idea for a game...

And this is where alarm bells should go off, because I'm simply not a game designer, but hopefully we can attract some interest from a game designer who's willing to take on this project and fill in all the holes and voids of my idea... or if it sucks, come up with a better one. I know game designers have ideas for a great strategy game.

But my idea was to extend the Defcon indie game idea. Now, there were some major faults that Defcon had, mainly that it just didn't have much depth and replayability. We can expand it by theme (making it cover solar systems and alliances), and better it with game play (strategy, conquering, more resource gathering, building etc).

I'm pretty interested in the aesthetics in this game, and how the project can be assigned to different team members and artists. However, I'm not sure how much of a task this would be for the programmers and if it's a realistic one at that. In any case, this project is much larger scaled compared to that of Team B.

Personally, I'm willing to put my hand up to do the fancy UI and menu design in the game and texture work. Any thoughts?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 20/02/09 - 10:53 AM Permalink

I'm up for some stuff. I have no industry experience but would love to give it a go. My weapons of choice are 3ds max and photoshop and am probably better suited to modelling buildings, vehicles etc.

Submitted by matt d on Fri, 20/02/09 - 10:57 AM Permalink

Dam I wasn't logged in when I posted my interest as a 3d modeller. But yeah I'm keen.

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Submitted by mulletdulla on Thu, 26/02/09 - 6:05 PM Permalink

Heh Defcon is a psychotic game really. I think you feel really get that feel most from the somber ambiance of the audio and interface. The problem I see is if you expand on what game play it had by introducing resourcing, building, armies, etc then it will lose its simple focus and emphasis.

You could however reverse engineer the idea and operate it like the space race in Civilization by being the first to build and launch the nuke. In this case the game takes shape with resource gathering and controlling, research development and simple attack and defense systems.

The idea being that you control one army (planet, nation or otherwise), you are responsible for developing research into the nuke, gathering and processing the resource for the bomb and finally its manufacture. You will have to deploy defensive measure to protect these facilities and resource nodes while at the same time develop strategic offensives to sabotage, assault or capture your enemies facilities and resources.

By the way I'm a game designer with some experience. Hopefully that fills any voids? haha

Not quite sure either how to handle the specifics of the programming for said project but I imagine if it is a heavily single player experience than an effective AI system would be in great need.

Submitted by Briefcase on Wed, 11/03/09 - 10:53 PM Permalink

hey guys, I'd be interested in working on this project. I don't have any industry experience but i see this as a great opportunity to continue to work on game related stuff during my leave of absence from study.

the tools of my trade are 3Ds Max, and Photoshop.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 11/03/09 - 11:34 PM Permalink

So far for Team C, we have a interest from:

kthuynh86 - Project manager, game design
mulletdulla - Game designer
Roger - Programmer
Sugo - Programmer
CopyRay - 3D
ussmc2 - Character animation
MattD - 3D
Briefcase - 3D
HemantD - 3D
OverActive-Imagination - Sound design

..and myself for UI design, menus, presentation and that sorta stuff.

Judging by the response, it's probably best if we start off with a smaller game than I previously mentioned.

Currently, we're looking for programmers into the fray.

Submitted by souri on Mon, 16/03/09 - 4:41 PM Permalink

Ah, it seems that you did! I wasn't sure... Anyway, any programmers interested in taking part? btw, do you want to come up with some suggestion for a game? Perhaps a brief description for now, and if everyone is interested, a longer document later on?

Submitted by suggo on Wed, 18/03/09 - 11:21 AM Permalink

I have a Computer Science degree and can write C/C++ and I would be willing to learn a little C# if necessary.

I have been trying to put together my own demo for a while now, playing with SDL, OpenGL and a bunch of other libraries. Recently I have started looking at some engines(Ogre3D, Crystalspace and Irrlicht) although I do not really have anything to show for it yet.

I am keen to be a part of this project. I just feel that I would need some help from someone more experienced in programming as I have never actually completed any of my own projects. Any more experienced programmers out there want to give me a hand?

Submitted by DrSphere on Wed, 18/03/09 - 5:06 PM Permalink

I wouldn't mind signing up for this.

I'm an AIE prgramming graduate and I have worked at Transmission for a few months as an intern. I've also got a B. Comp Sci and have worked as a .Net programmer for a few years.

I also have some experience with OpenGL, Gamebryo, PhysX and FMOD.

How does this work anyway? Do we express interest and we just go straight on the list or do we need to somehow prove ourselves?

I'm also working with a few others on an independent project of our own which we are only at the planning stages of at the moment. Would it be possible, once we discuss it, to move that over to this initiative you reckon? (Though I'm thinking not since there is like 10 of us on it at the moment). I'm not exactly sure how this works so forgive me if it sounds stupid.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 18/03/09 - 7:37 PM Permalink

If you're sure you're capable for the job, then you're onboard. I'm sure most people are capable of doing something in their field, but we'll have to rely on people to nominate the tasks they're most comfortable with.

I'm not sure what you mean by moving those people over to this initiative? Did you mean once that project is done, to move them onto this one? Or to move that project over here (making it a Team D)?

Submitted by DrSphere on Wed, 18/03/09 - 8:14 PM Permalink

I was thinking the Team D option, but it sounds like they aren't too keen on exposure for it at this time, they want to keep it under wraps, which is fair enough, so for the time being I don't think we'll be doing that. Would it be at all possible in the future though, hypothetically?

Also I'm still up for joining Team C as well, so far the Defcon based design ideas sound interesting.

Submitted by designerwatts on Thu, 19/03/09 - 1:22 AM Permalink

Hey there DrSphere :)

I'll be showcasing a game design project in early April. And while it's not my intention to initially get a mod or prototype going it might be once the project gains momentum. It might interest none the less as far as upcoming Aussie indie projects are concerned.


Submitted by souri on Wed, 18/03/09 - 11:19 PM Permalink

I'm perfectly happy for you guys for a Team D. Hunt around to find the thread on the facilities and what the site can do for you. You're happy to choose to utilise what you want or don't want.

I would love to do a Defcon-like title. Do you think you can handle the programming side? Can you delegate tasks or split some jobs with Suggo?

Submitted by kthuynh86 on Thu, 19/03/09 - 12:42 AM Permalink

Name: Khanh Huynh
Location: Melbourne
Focus: Game Designer
Skills: Organisation, QA (no experience but i have time to put in), very little programming and basic 3d modelling

Hoping to get more insight of a game being put together. Currently studying Game Design at QANTM and would like any experience that may enhance my studies or future career path.

Submitted by suggo on Thu, 19/03/09 - 12:36 PM Permalink

I like the idea of a Defcon style game. (haven't actually played it but did some quick research on the web) I think we should be able to mix it up enough to make something new and fun, although all of Souri's suggestions may be a bit much. I am not sure what I'm getting myself into here, but I would like to see the continents extended onto separate planets so it became a space battle also.

The main thing that I probably suck at for this project would be AI. It's not something I have ever put much thought into and haven't coded anything in that area. If someone has experience in that area it could really help.

Submitted by ussmc on Thu, 19/03/09 - 3:56 PM Permalink

I posted before (Subject: Interested) and would like to animate for this project. I have no experience in the game industry - question: what format does the animation has to be? ie .mov, .avi etc.

Submitted by souri on Fri, 20/03/09 - 1:41 PM Permalink

I think a bigger project like this would need someone to organise and look over everything. You're most welcomed to take on that role, as well as help out with the game design.

Submitted by souri on Fri, 20/03/09 - 1:47 PM Permalink

It looks like we have enough people interested in the project to get something started, and we're looking into the idea of a Defcon sort of game (descriptions in this thread).

To move things forward now is for mulletdulla (the game designer) to write a brief game design document and outline their proposal for this game and to give the rest of the team a good idea of what the game enatils and requires.

Submitted by DrSphere on Sat, 21/03/09 - 1:29 AM Permalink

Sorry about this guys but I just found out today that I've got full time employment. Because I have have the other indie project that I'll be working on as well I'm just not going to have time for this. Sorry if I let you guys down at all, but good luck with it anyway.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Sat, 21/03/09 - 11:02 PM Permalink

Hi, my name is Chris. I’m a graduate of QUT Brisbane.

I have a degree in I.T (Games Technology)..
My Programming Skills include C/C++, C#, .net, HLSL, DirectX, OpenGL.I have knowledge of the latest Shading techniques, and engine programming.
I also have good knowledge of 3d maths.

Mostly I’m looking to get good industry exposure. Please get back to me.

Submitted by mulletdulla on Sun, 22/03/09 - 3:26 PM Permalink

running AI for a strategy based game I imagine would be fairly difficult.

I have experience scripting AI together from a game design perspective but not on the actual programming. I can however lend tips to what I have found that works well in the past.

going back to Defcon. I quite like the idea as well of extending it onto separate planets - actually an interesting idea would be to convert it Earth vs Mars. Have Humanity on our end and Martians on the Mars end battling it out through the solar system?

Submitted by suggo on Sun, 22/03/09 - 7:45 PM Permalink

Sounds good to me. If we can implement your AI ideas and algorithms we may be in business. This looks like it is going to be a fun project!

I think doing planets would be cool, I think we could have either more than 2 planets or perhaps a couple of nations per planet? that could be interesting.