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Control Freaks is back on

Posted by souri on Sun, 15/06/03 - 10:25 PM

I'm currently watching it on TV now, so you've most likely missed it.. It's a good show - it's nice to see footage of these games you most likely wouldn't see otherwise.. Anyway, they showed a fair bit of Ty, the Tasmanian Tiger (my first time seeing the game running!), and it looks very cool! The CGI animations in that game look fantastic too. Oh, and they had a small bit on Aussie developers at E3, with Adam Lancman (Atari Melbourne House), Tom Crago (Tantalus), and John Passfield (Krome) talking a bit about the industry.. they'll be showing more of that next week, so if you're interested, it's on Sunday's, at 12pm on channel 7..

Submitted by Brain on Mon, 16/06/03 - 4:14 AM Permalink

Wicked! @:-D Definitely be tuning in from now on.


Submitted by Malus on Mon, 16/06/03 - 11:04 AM Permalink

Damn, missed it. Thanks for the heads up Souri.

Submitted by Kezza on Tue, 17/06/03 - 10:31 AM Permalink

err.... i watched it, i gotta say i was a bit dissapointed though.
seemed more like some people reading from a press briefs from high paying companies.
I wonder what it would be like if gamers really knew what gamedev was like or what it involved... no doubt they don't want to know.

Submitted by souri on Sun, 22/06/03 - 3:56 AM Permalink

Just a reminder that Control Freaks is on tomorrow (Sunday)..

Submitted by Kris on Sun, 22/06/03 - 11:52 PM Permalink

Hmm, doesn't seem to be on in the West :/

Submitted by Sekt on Mon, 23/06/03 - 3:46 AM Permalink

Whoops, I just posted about his in the General forum. I'll repeat here in hope of another answer :P
But yeah, did anyone watch it today? I'm just wondering if anyone can confirm Micro Forte CEO, John DeMargheretti (again, shocking spelling) saying that Citizen Zero will be for both Xbox and PC?

Cheers! :)

Submitted by souri on Tue, 24/06/03 - 1:50 AM Permalink

I missed it, unfortunately. I'm sure someone else here caught it. Anyone know the answer?

Submitted by redwyre on Tue, 24/06/03 - 5:47 AM Permalink

Someone said something about it being the first MMOG for the XBox, but I missed the begining...

I'm pretty sure it's XBox only...

Submitted by lava monkey on Tue, 24/06/03 - 7:12 AM Permalink

12 for a gaming show..
thats not gamer friendly.. thats just stupid, no one is awake by then

Submitted by Brain on Tue, 24/06/03 - 9:11 AM Permalink

Mmm, know I wasn't. Was up til 4:30am playing Defence of the Ancients on BNet and didn't arise til 1pm @:-p

Submitted by Sekt on Tue, 01/07/03 - 9:10 PM Permalink

Yeah I'm p0retty sure it's Xbox only too. It was a glimmer of hope though.

Submitted by Acer on Wed, 30/07/03 - 9:36 AM Permalink

Definately have to put a good aussie V8 muscle car in it. Im thinking a 1937 HQ monaro or a 351 gto phase 3! I hope they use the original meshes we create, y would they have us make it with maya, not lightwave or max????? Neway goodluck 2 everyone!!

Submitted by Jodan on Thu, 31/07/03 - 5:49 AM Permalink

KRIS --- Control freaks is on saturdays at 1.30pm to 2.00pm on channel seven in the west.[:)]