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Micro Forte planning on MMOG's for Mobile Phones!

Posted by souri on Sat, 15/11/03 - 8:54 PM

From the job details Micro Forte posted for a [url=""]Lead Game Programmer[/url], you get a glimpse on what Micro Forte are planning in the future..

quote:Micro Forte is a world leader in the creation of massively multiplayer games, working with Microsoft to create the first ever MMOG on Xbox. The company is now looking to extend this expertise into the wireless space and become one of the first and best creators of massively multiplayer mobile phone games. Developers who are bored with the relentless grind of three year development schedules will welcome the chance to work on a new game every three months. Reduced costs offer the chance to create truly innovative games in a completely new area.

MMOG's on mobile phones! Is it practical? Will mobile phone calls ever be cheap enough so that you could spend hours and hours of play on them? (if it were, then I think internet browsing on mobiles would really take off).. The payment scheme might hurt - a monthly charge, and on top of that, a hefty phone bill? :) Actually, will mobile phone batteries last for hours and hours of gameplay?! And a new game every three months!!

Submitted by davidcoen on Sat, 15/11/03 - 11:13 PM Permalink

thought this was already quite sucessfull in japan, where moblie phone internet access is way easier/cheaper than phone internet access (they stuffed up there telecomunication infulstructure...) but yeah, might be practicle, but in australia at least, even with 3d it would be a bit expencive.... but people seem to like to play phone games on the train at least...

Submitted by Blitz on Sat, 15/11/03 - 11:14 PM Permalink

There was a news article about this about a month or so ago, which i could have sworn i got from this site...
But anyway, afaik the main idea is that the mobile phone bits would only be used for simple things like buying/trading items and stuff, you wouldn't really actively wander around the world or anything. Not yet anyway :P
CYer, Blitz
PS. I thought the most interesting thing about those job ads was that in the 3D modeler ad, they refer to the upcoming MMOG as 'Citizen Zero' for the first time in quite a while from what i know. A good-ish sign perhaps :P