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Uncle Sam (and Team A) Wants You!

Posted by Bittman on Wed, 16/09/09 - 2:51 PM

Well he might not, but we don't always listen to Sam's opinion since he already has a job in the games industry, that bastard.

Nevertheless, we've got a whole heap moving, as you may have seen at Freeplay or read in the August Report, and things are looking quite good as far as being able to enter GCAP's 30th of October indie submission deadline. However, in the words of someone somewhere, you can never count on a sure thing.

So on that feeling of uncertainty, we're looking for some new members regarding art and programming. I'm not requesting specific talents in either one, we could just use some people who would be willing to join our team. We currently have 7 members, had a demo at Freeplay in August and plan to have what's required for GCAP 30/10 deadline by 30/09. So don't feel like you're going to be alone and that we'll suck up your work like some deadbeat studio, we're indie and we could always use some new members to be nice to.

Feel free to contact myself either here (and I'll follow you up) or via private message (and I'll follow you up). If you have any other questions, related to this or not, feel free to contact me. My office (pm box) is always open.