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My New Business

Posted by HazarD on Wed, 19/05/04 - 12:23 PM

Hey all, most of you have seen me floating around the place a bit lately, im just announcing 2 things..

1) Over the past 18 months or so ive been analysing ideas, approaches and business plans regarding the games industry, and come up with a winner out of a handful of possibles.
We create game related assets, both art and code. We do not make games. [:0]
We are simply a cost effective method for other developers to meet deadlines and milestones, and provide an extra boost to manpower without the added overheads of salaries etc.

2) Im glad to also announce the birth of our webpage, check it out here

Feedback of course is welcome [:)] and greatly appreciated.

Submitted by CombatWombat on Wed, 19/05/04 - 6:17 PM Permalink

Hey, congrats on the new business - sounds like a good strategy for it.

I like the site too - some really vivid images you guys have there.

I'm curious about your business name - how did you guys decide on the
name your company? (It has a nice sound to it)



Submitted by unknownuser1 on Wed, 19/05/04 - 6:24 PM Permalink

Hey congrats and good luck. You have the talent and determination to pull it off :)

My only suggestion for your site, is to have a gallery area where clients can get an idea of all your work.

I wish both you, Matias and the rest of the team, the best of luck.

BTW. Shane's Avatar rocks. Family Guy forever :D

Submitted by Rahnem on Wed, 19/05/04 - 7:30 PM Permalink

Yeah, The main thing with this kind of company is to show prospective clients that you have skilled employees.

Once you have a good amount of demo stuff to show, pimp your company like crazy.

Congrats and good luck with the new business. [:D]

Submitted by denz on Wed, 19/05/04 - 8:51 PM Permalink

hey good luck with the business mate, congrats on getting it up n running. [:)] Looks pretty promising. I'm looking forward to you guys getting some art up there.

Submitted by unknownuser2 on Wed, 19/05/04 - 9:50 PM Permalink

Thanks guy - yip the galleries are being filled up at the mo, will have them up asap - also fixed a couple of other minor things as well [:D]

CW- the name means simply " HOT " ie we are up in queesnland and that our work is smokin [;)] and prounounced Ka-less-cint or thereabouts [:)]

Submitted by palantir on Wed, 19/05/04 - 10:38 PM Permalink

Congrats [:D] It looks like you've got a great buisness plan, you should do very well.
Nice looking website, too. Looking forward to seeing your demo in action. [:)]

Goodluck to you and all the team! Hope to see you guys working on some AAA titles before long!

Submitted by tbag on Thu, 20/05/04 - 3:36 AM Permalink

Good luck, hope to see something of yours (You helped develop) on the shelf soon!

Oh and one request. Post news on Sumea forums of updates how you are going etc... which i am sure you will [;)]

Submitted by Red 5 on Thu, 20/05/04 - 3:43 AM Permalink

Nice one Troy, the site looks good, I especially like your logo.

Best of luck, hope it goes well for you and you make lots of dosh :)

Submitted by bullet21 on Thu, 20/05/04 - 4:28 AM Permalink

Congrats also, the logo kix arse, and urban brawl sound great. Good luck and send some money my way.

Submitted by MoonUnit on Thu, 20/05/04 - 5:04 AM Permalink

good luck Hazard, Matias and rest of crew!!!
its gotta be a bit nerve racking and exiting to be launching this business so all the best :)

Submitted by unknownuser2 on Thu, 20/05/04 - 5:18 AM Permalink

Thanks everyone [:D] yup im pretty stoked with it all, theres still a few little niggly things i have to sort out with it, a few spelling mistakes even

We will be posting on sumea as Urban Brawl progresses, with screenshots etc. Also updates in technology and perhaps post some pics of our little studio when we secure some office space [:D]

DEFINATELY watch this space !!!

Submitted by tbag on Thu, 20/05/04 - 6:21 AM Permalink

Rent space off family or friends, its the cheapest alternative [:p].

Also is Urban Brawl going to be freeware? [;)]

Submitted by Makk on Thu, 20/05/04 - 6:25 AM Permalink

Best of luck :)

Submitted by unknownuser2 on Sun, 23/05/04 - 8:09 PM Permalink

Tbag - whilst it is the cheapest route of securing space, we may end up with a tool shed, or even worse a makeshift tree-hut, i think we will stick to securing a cosy few square feet of air conditioned office space [:)]

and yes the demo of urban brawl will be freeware, available for all to download! [:D]
the alpha/beta releases will also be up for download for all who wish to take part in the testing process.

Submitted by tbag on Mon, 24/05/04 - 2:24 AM Permalink

If you get do get an office block/space please take some before and after shots for all us Sumeans to drool over [;)].

Count me in for the beta to! I love testing out betas, its always fun to see how the final product turns out [:p].

Submitted by unknownuser2 on Mon, 24/05/04 - 5:46 AM Permalink

LOL it wont be an Office "Block". but yes will take some before and afters, we have eyes on a cosy place in the valley at present. will keep informed.

Submitted by Wizenedoldman on Mon, 24/05/04 - 11:50 PM Permalink

Hey Haz, if ever you need anybody I'd be happy to do some freelance work for you guys, just putting my hand up at this stage to let you know I'm available. I'm Sydney based though but that shouldn't be a big issue.

Submitted by unknownuser2 on Tue, 25/05/04 - 4:42 AM Permalink

Thanks Wiz, will keep that in mind [:D]

Submitted by Maitrek on Tue, 25/05/04 - 8:45 PM Permalink

Just thought I'd chip in (only one week late) congrats on opening up a business! I think this particular kind of 'out-sourcing' will probably become more and more common, but anyway...good luck with it all!

Submitted by tbag on Wed, 26/05/04 - 3:36 AM Permalink

Just dont let any of the big guys hold you down! Read the fine print [;)].

It would be really nice if you guys were contracted by like ID or Valve etc... anything is possible so dont say it isnt!

Cant wait to see that Urban Bowl demo [:p]. Just wondering, if it is for the Xbox does that mean you are possibly going to develop a full game or just a demo? Oh and do you ever plan to expand into a a game developer?

Sorry that im full of so many questions, i just love hearing good news [:)].

Submitted by unknownuser2 on Wed, 26/05/04 - 7:55 AM Permalink

Tbag - Yip it would be nutz if we were hired by id / valve, and nope i definately didnt say it wasnt possible, all ill say at this moment in time is that there are big things on the horizon for us. [;)]

Urban Brawl could well end up going down that road ie becoming a full game - but the sole purpose for it is to show we can handle anything, and do just as good a job, if not better that bigger more widely known development houses could.

In the future we could possibly expand into a development studio, just at this time its more feasible for us as a small team to bring in the $$$ by taking the route we are.

Just a note on Urban Brawl, Ill be posting some specs and accompanying screens in the near future, that could well put the shits up some of the bigger development companies out there, as we have REALLY , REALLY pushed the xbox on such a small project, and im doubtless it will raise an eyebrow or three.

[:D] The proof is definately in the pudding !

Submitted by bullet21 on Thu, 27/05/04 - 5:13 AM Permalink

How many's on your team, they're just all artists are they?

Submitted by unknownuser2 on Thu, 27/05/04 - 10:01 AM Permalink

Bullet21: 5 on the team, 3 artists & 2 programmers at present, but this is about to change [:D]

Submitted by bullet21 on Fri, 28/05/04 - 3:47 AM Permalink

Why's it going to change, Are you going to give me a job?

Submitted by unknownuser2 on Fri, 28/05/04 - 3:54 AM Permalink

Lol no, sorry man no jobs available at the mo. As to why its going to change, youll have to watch the website for updates [:D]

Submitted by unknownuser2 on Sat, 29/05/04 - 9:02 AM Permalink

Just a note to let people know the gallery page is up,

There's a couple of concepts for some of the earlier characters - some in-game screenshots will be up soon, along with some pics of the player models.

Stay tuned...[:D]

Submitted by Vengeance on Wed, 09/06/04 - 8:39 PM Permalink

So who else is involved in your team? What are your backgrounds?

Submitted by unknownuser2 on Wed, 09/06/04 - 8:59 PM Permalink

Hi Vengeance,

There is myself, 2 programmers, 2 artists, and just recently a couple of additions to the team = 1 Sound Tech, 1 Project Manager.

As for backgrounds, you can check out our 'about' page, the new additions details will be up there shortly [:D]

Submitted by Anti Gremlin on Sat, 12/06/04 - 2:07 AM Permalink

Just to let you know that for some odd reasons that URL is now redirecting to, have you paid your hosting bills lately?

you may want to look into this.

Submitted by unknownuser2 on Sat, 12/06/04 - 2:43 AM Permalink

Yup, are swapping our host at the moment, weve had some issues with the previous one.

All will be well soon enough [:)]