AGDC session - Demo Reel Discussion and Dissection

I'd like to extend an invitation to any artists, be it students, professional, or otherwise, to submit demo reels to be used as study material for the AGDC session I'm organising.

So what is it? In essence, it will be a small number of professional artists going through real peoples work and giving constructive and positive feedback relevant to the audience and participants in an interactive presentation. We'll be giving constructive critique and ways to improve on work, helpful tips on presentation, and shedding light on how employers view your material.
For those interested, It's on the Friday at 1:25.

If anyone's interested in submitting their reel, or has any questions, get a hold of me either through here, or through email.

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where abouts? is this one of the presentations? i might be able to submit mine, i would really like feedback on my work. i need to put it all together yet though so i might not even be ready until early next week. would it be possible to hand it to you down there?

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Right now it is listed as Storytelling and the "In-Game Cinematic"

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yup, plastic wax has pulled out and I've taken the 1:25-2:35pm art slot.

you can either give me a link to download reels, or give it to me before the day down at agdc [:)]

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cool, i'll probably end up giving it to you there cos i'm unlikly to be able to upload it in time. we'll see. are you going to the sumea meet on wednessday night?

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yup, I should most definitely be at the sumea meets [:)] - feel free to give it to me there.

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Just an update on things, I'm pushing for three panelists, so far myself (EyeCandy Animation), Chee Kin Chan (Team Bondi), and waiting on a third persons confirmation.

I'm actually quite surprised, I've had only a few people expressing interest from forums here compared to elsewhere, but a lot less than I'd of expected -- come on guys! Don't be shy! This is your chance to see how employers are going to be looking at your work, and get helpful tips on bettering that presentation [B)]

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i'm worried wether i should give you mine to show now though, i havnt reayl had any time to put anything good together. it's going to be a very short showreel...

i know your supposed to keep them short and sweet but i'm talking a matter of seconds here! a lot of the best work i've done this yeah got a dodgy maxmaterial/cell shading job done to it for an asessment so they dont have real textures. so i dont know if i should show them in it. i'm not going for a texture job though, but i think it a textre loks better than a wire mesh. any tips?

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hehe that's exactly why you should be putting it forward! [:)]

generally, someone looking at your work is going to assume it's your best work that you've got (as it should be, unless you're unable to show other stuff due to public disclosure issues).

Simply getting stuff out there, in front of people, and shown around is the best thing anybody can actually do. You get feedback, you get recognition of previous work later on, and most importantly you show you're active and above all very interested in what you do. As a general rule, showing your stuff and just being able to hear what people think of it is going to encourage you to grow twice as fast as an artist.

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ok, i'll give you what little i come up with then.

because i'm not actualy finishing my course at QANTm until next april or something i wasnt planning on puuting a serious demo reel together until then. kinda of a mistake now i realise as i'm going down to AGDC with nothing to show but my game project, which i'm very happy with, i just wish i had a bit more. oh well.

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Hey, how did this session go? Did you get to tear apart any folios? [:0]

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I got some great advice out of it. i was up until 2am wednesday night re-doing mine for qantm's industry night.