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Currrent team members and licenses

Posted by souri on Fri, 27/03/09 - 1:21 PM

Just a note that I've updated our team tsumea initiative page to outline who's working on what and where. Sometimes it can be a confusing to see who's on the team in forum threads, so this should help.

At the moment for Team B and C, we're still waiting for the design documents before we can discuss and allocate tasks.

Looking over at the projects, I can imagine Team A and B's work (and even Team C) would fit pretty well for an iPhone. What would be great if we could eventually port these projects over to that platform, and depending on my sponsorships (at the moment funds are low, but should pick up later in the year), hopefully we can afford a license if everyone is interested of course..

Here's some details on the Unity licenses which seem a bit expensive (relatively)

Unity Indie $199.00 (US)
Unity Pro $1499.00 (US)

These are additions to the license above..
iPhone Basic $399.00 (US)
iPhone Advanced $1499.00 (US)

And then there are other options including:


Oolong engine

SIO2 Interactive

Submitted by Bittman on Sun, 29/03/09 - 8:06 PM Permalink

The note of who is where and does what is a good addition.

I still have to look over all the details you linked, but yeah everything there does seem a bit pricey, I'll let you know if my team stumbles across anything we'd like, but hopefully we can get this done without expensive licences.

Submitted by designerwatts on Sun, 29/03/09 - 9:18 PM Permalink

These licences are expensive, additionaly the prices listed pretain to per programmer using it. So if you have 3 programmers working on a game using unity. It's going to cost you $600 USD.

Team Tower City [team of 2 people so far mind you.] Are currently looking into the engines Unity and TGEA to compare their capabilities from a hands-on perspective. We're still weeks away from coming to a decision on which one we'll be going for. [and I'll be paying for it out of savings.-ouch!] But from their face value so far it looks like that extra $100USD per licence you pay for TGEA is for more documentation and being able to edit the source code of the engine. Where as Unity doesn't seem to let you or only do so in a limited sense. That's the face value assessment but I could be wrong in these findings. We'll spend the next few weeks looking deep into both engines before choosing.

I would suggest with teams A - B - C that they to download the one month trails of these engines and assess them. See if they pose benefit to use.


Submitted by johnhsc1981 on Sat, 20/06/09 - 7:09 PM Permalink

Name: John ho
Location: Brisbane
Focus: Game Designer/3D map/environment modeling/little visual design
Skills: 3D environment modeling/map concept, QA (like testing game), some visual design,a little marketing management/research

I hope it is not too late to get something to start with..

I really hope can get some job/experiences in the industry