Will we get it going again? I remember reading somewhere you were looking for something else Souri, did you keep looking or give up?

It would be useful for the indie game project in particular, makes it an open session others can visit. Especially since most of us are students hoping to get into the industry, I can see the team being greatly encouraged if there is the possibility of our meetings being viewed by people who visit this site and potential employers.

Of course, it might sit there completely un-used except for our possible abuse of it, but hey right now it's a pretty dead icon at the top of the page...

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I will look around for some chat function, but if anyone has suggestions, please feel free to offer them. I'm looking for an elegant and new solution - the java chat application we had before was a bit of a pain to set up and was a simple irc chat. It would be great if there's another chat application that we can embed on the chat page which offered a whole lot more features and wasn't a pain to install.

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I've been looking around for chat solutions, and there are a heck of fancy solutions out there. unfortunately they cost a lot of money and a dedicated server to run on, but it's amazing to see what's on offer (letting visitors stream mp3's, video, a canvas where many people can draw on etc).

That would probably be overkill for what we'd need, so I've placed back the old java Sumea chat on here. If you ever need to use a simple chat for anything, it's there if you need it.

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I'll sit my butt in this most nights and some days whilst I'm still kick starting the indie game project in case anyone wants to discuss things whether they're in the team or not.

Dunno if we'll hold the meetings there yet, maybe we'll test it this sunday and see how we go.

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It's there if anyone needs a convenient place to chat. I know some people (well, me personally) don't really use msn much, or doesn't want to be contacted via msn for any reason, then the java chat is a handy solution.