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Senior Game Designer - Blockchain Gaming

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Wednesday, 25 November, 2020 - 6:17 PM
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A bit about the role
We are looking for a proactive and strategic-minded Senior Game Designer to join us in our Sydney office. We are willing to offer a full-time remote or a relocation package option for the right person. Your mission is to innovate and own significant new features in game design based on blockchain.
Blockchain unlocks limitless potential for game design, as they allow games to have tradable assets, scarcity, provenance and real world value. As a Senior Game Designer, you will create game designs which use these properties to uniquely engage and retain players. Your focus area will be outside of the moment-to-moment gameplay, and more on areas such as social systems, progression, rewards, balancing and economy. We have an initial design vision for how blockchain will be used, but we want you to shape our vision and add your own unique ideas.
This is a unique opportunity for you to combine your existing design knowledge with our state of the art understanding of blockchain-based game economics to create game designs that will revolutionise the gaming industry.

Here’s how you’ll contribute
- Refine an existing, high-level metagame systems design into a finalised design including design documentation
- Oversee the implementation of the design by the game development studio
- Implement a blockchain token-based economy into the game by combining existing knowledge of free to play systems with blockchain-based economy design
- Validate proposed designs by commissioning prototypes, running surveys or conducting interviews
- Communicate design proposals with the internal team and external designers, and obtain buy-in from stakeholders
- Write clear, structured design documentation for developers to implement the metagame design
- End-to-end design, validation and implementation of additional metagame systems to be released in the future
- Identify core gameplay loop changes required to facilitate further metagame system changes in the future
- Once the game is live responsible for testing, release, analysis and adjustment of metagame systems to maximise player retention and spend

A bit about you
- 2+ years of industry experience as a game designer working on metagame and systems design
- Prior proven experience in shipping designs
- In-depth knowledge of how metagame, systems and gameplay loops can impact player engagement, retention and spending behaviours
- Knowledge of monetisation in free-to-play game systems
- Capable of using written and verbal skills to take designs from idea stage to sign-off and then to execution
- Able to take full ownership and accountability of outcomes
- Able to logically breakdown problems, present options and evaluate solutions based on goals and criteria
- Able to validate new ideas through research, surveys, prototypes and models
- Strong growth mindset to learning about blockchain and game economies
- Open-minded to ‘novel’ design opportunities which are unlocked due to new technologies

Some extra skills that would be awesome
- Shipped a minimum of 1 free to play game as a designer
- Experience in Gacha, Progression, XP or Battle Pass Designs
- Experience in mid-core games
- Experience with blockchain or blockchain games

Some of the things we can offer you
- Competitive salary, plus equity
- Relocation package or remote working for the right candidate
- Flexibility to work from home regularly
- Located near Central Station in Surry Hills with a rooftop where we hold loads of parties and BBQs (pre-COVID)
- We provide you with all the hardware and an additional $750 to set up your new home office
- Weekly social events and numerous celebrations
- A very supportive, fun and progressive environment
- Perkbox benefits including premium access to calm, an online fitness portal and discounts at major retailers
- Thousands of courses on Go1, my academy and Naspers
- Access to 24/7 EAP service

We are at the early stages of forming our company, and we encourage all of the Immutable family to bring new ideas and suggestions to help us make Immutable one of the best companies in the world!

About Us
In today's world, gamers don't own their digital items. At Immutable, we're all about ownership: using blockchain technology to provide gamers with real and "immutable" ownership, rather than licensing agreements, over the items they've worked so hard to acquire. Powering the world's most popular blockchain games, Immutable builds marketplaces and infrastructure so that game developers can provide better value to their users and introduce free-market economies inside their games.
We are backed by top-tier investors, and have millions of dollars in revenue and more than $25m in venture funding. Our first title, Gods Unchained, is already the number one blockchain game in terms of revenue and assets: we’ve actually sold more in-game assets than all other blockchain games put together. We do a ton of R&D in this space as well - we’re one of the world’s leading experts on the application of this technology to games. Because of this, we are well-positioned to leverage our first-mover advantage and make true ownership of game assets go mainstream.