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Senior Game Designer

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Friday, 23 April, 2021 - 10:36 AM
Job Position:

A bit about the role:

Gods Unchained is a complex, multilayered trading card game that allows users the ability to build decks and play those against other players in a variety of game modes. Gods Unchained has taken creative and gameplay risks from the beginning. We have a diverse cast of characters, a fantastic narrative, and an ever-changing set of gameplay mechanics. We’ve made fundamental shifts to the story and to the gameplay, all in service of making the best game possible. 

We are looking for a Senior Game Designer (TCG) whose work will directly translate into objects and cards sold in our game. You have a unique opportunity to shape the future of the most-played blockchain-enabled digital trading card game.

As a Senior Game Designer, you’d act as the right-hand person of the Lead Designer and implement systems, game modes, and strategies to propel Gods Unchained to great success. 

You’d be responsible for how Gods Unchained players will interact with the Immutable ecosystem and be ready to help design experiences both inside and outside the game.

We currently have a target of 750 cards per year spread across three main expansions and several supplemental and promotional products. You will step into the role of an Expansion Set Lead, with guidance from the Lead Designer, to create cards and mechanics that build upon the game to surprise, delight, and challenge our users. 

You have the opportunity to shape the long-term growth of the game. You have ownership to control the tone and structure of the set whilst being supported by our wider gaming department. 

Here’s how you’ll contribute:

  • Working with the lead designer to create beautiful, engaging content, strong mechanics, and gameplay that ties into the greater company ecosystem and reinforce the objectives of the game and company.
  • Create a welcoming onboarding system that both challenges and teaches new users about the game style and objectives.
  • Create an enticing and deep sequence of game modes that allow users both flexibility to play the game they want and entice them to find new features and play styles.
  • Be comfortable using game usage data, consumer feedback, and user testing to inform and drive game design.
  • Leading expansion set design with other senior/lead designers
  • Be a part of the live balancing team, to ensure our game has many fun and competitive ways to win.
  • Creating systems that interact within the game, and within the blockchain that is attached to it.

A bit about you:

  • 7+ years experience in TCGs as a designer, elite player, or producer, or equivalent experience designing AAA games.
  • Understanding of blockchain technology and what the advantages and benefits are.
  • Strong collaboration skills. You can create strong communication lines with all departments and teams working on the game and client.
  • You can manage upward and sideways.
  • Experience working with professional TCG players, designers and testers.
  • You can create design docs and several systems from scratch and ensure that the design is understood and acted upon.
  • You can make proposals to the game based on a strong statistical or a factual basis.
  • Technical Design. You can learn the game engine’s capabilities, which we use to create and enforce card gameplay.
  • You understand systems design, the design methodology of creating new cards, and new card game mechanics.
  • You are highly motivated, innovative, ready to think outside the box and challenge conventional thinking. We’re keen to foster an atmosphere of creativity and innovation.
  • You can incorporate live data, consumer feedback, and user testing into the game design.

Some extra skills that would be awesome:

  • A deeper understanding/experience of blockchain technologies would be ideal, including how some of our competitors are using blockchain technology to improve the user’s experience.
  • Tournament experience, as a pro player, judge, or organizer
  • Unity Experience

Some of the things we can offer you:

  • Competitive salary, plus equity
  • Flexibility to work from home regularly
  • Located near Central Station in Surry Hills with a rooftop
  • Regular, fun social events where we can relax and connect with our teammates
  • A very supportive, fun and progressive environment
  • We provide you with all the required hardware and an additional $750 to set up your new home office
  • Perkbox benefits including premium access to calm, an online fitness portal and discounts at major retailers
  • Thousands of courses on Go1, Udemy and Naspers
  • Access to 24/7 counselling service for you and your family