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3 days back in Nov08, pac man clone

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an interesting little exercise that i did back in november, was to make a pac man clone.

it was good to actually 'finish' something, but a pain in the kahoonas to make something on the pc not using directX (as i already knew how to use that, and wanted to brush up on openGl) also a pain that it was intended to be a one day exercise, so by the 3rd day was kind of getting sick of it.

it works, however stopped before implementing the ghost eyes running back to center of the map (they just teleport), didn't do the different colour ghosts and fruit, and 'speedy' doen't increace speed each level.

also taking a bit of a compatiblity hit for having writen everything from the ground up, as some performance booste things that i did to get it to run faster than monitor refreash rate on my home computer seem to have broken display on other computers (will sit down one day and look at how glut does things, or go back to directX)

of the 3 days, most of the time was spent on content (bit over 1.5 days) then something to display sprites (and text) then thorwing a half doesn't state machines together for game state, and pacman/ ghost behavour... good fun.