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Stencil shadows implemented

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Bit of a slow week, finished 'chico of the dead' (once it is available in the app store i get to start promoting it, fun) and during the recovery time after a big project, tidied up some randoms bits of tech, simplified renderer, and added stencil shadows.
the world is an interesting place for backwards compatiblity, basically iPhone of third generation and after has stencil buffer, infact they interleave it with the depth buffer which is kind of nice.

currently doing performance testing and small engine fixes, though going from artist side to programmer side for working on a renderer is a bit wierd, though getting a bit more understanding of openGL, even if getting to work on win32, openGLES1, openGLES2 take a bit of mental gymnastics, irony is changing data format more towards art goals than renderer capablities (was getting to complicated to work on as an artist)

one screen shot from iPhone (opengles2, iphone3G) and one from windows.