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a week of prototyping (6 prototypes)

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a week of prototyping (6 prototypes), 1 of which failed and not included, another of which i am still working on and not online yet (procrastinating by blogging rather than finishing it)

Seems prototyping is the popular thing to do at the moment, have spent the last week on various game prototypes of which some work, some don't, and one was just a clone of a game i loved as a kid (dungeon master). but javascript and canvas (is that what people mean by html5?) are pretty quite to try out ideas with.

bit of a pain getting them to play nice on the iPhone, (frame rate? what frame rate), the screen shots above are of safari (apple/ iPhone web browser) trying out a few of the prototypes, though having some issues with the iPhone touch event coordinates in javascript (so have different versions of the prototype for iphone, which kind of breaks the look and feel of my website, but what the heck)