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Not an iphone application till i see it run on an iphone

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Wow, learning a new dev environment and language is much easier than dealing with apple and getting a application running on the iphone.

objective-c . easy
deploy on iphone . ouch

nothing much to see, just messing around with openGLES 2, wanting to play with the iphone accelerometer to make a simple lunalander game to get the lay of the land. screen shot is of iphone simulator on mac. 1 day of code and learning new language, several days of setting up hardware/ software

guess i get to spend another day hitting the books and testing on the iphone simulator.

nb. golddigger is currently having it's physics engine changed, tracked down the stack smash to something which is suspiciously looking lke 'not my code' and the physics engine i was using was black box. black box of fail.