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slow, basic progress

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nothing that fancy to show&tell, just openGl rendering in a window, some winGUI debug text on top, some lights, boxes, a display list unit sphere, and a arbitary piece of geometry called out as a plane with a texture on it. some of the things behind the scens are more interesting, registing custom winclass, icon from tga, cursor from tga, code interface abstracted from dealing with message loop or opengl commands (the main application has just asked for a window, some boxes, some debug triangles and lines, a sphere and defined a piece of geometry as static and requested it rendered with a texture...)

the usual first steps...

and here is the current task list, numbers are rough hour estimates which are know to explode...

texture alias 2
material 8
spline test 4
skinning test 4
world system
lights 8
geometry 8
scribe level (load, human write?) 8
animation 8
collision 8
dynamic object 8
game object 8
move sphere 4
trigger 4
camera 8
export max (build collada for max5?) 16
character 16

just finishing up a dirtly little texture alias (pack images onto one big texture), attempt to save texture switching but im doing it pretty low tech....

will try to update this blog as the project continues (though now i have input and camera, i should resurect the recent attempt at a real time raytracer, though on my 5year old computer at home, the fps was looking a bit slow.... anyway, will see what happens

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This looks good so far.
Are you using vertex shaders on the objects?
How much experience have you had?