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a tiny bit more progress

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wow, barely getting 20hours a week to work on this so progress is slowwwww (>_<)

finishing up first pass on the renderer (including refactor of generic data store for geometry to pass to openGl to turn into VertexBufferObjects)

fun things included writing my own vertex shader to get the lights/ material to behave as i liked (i REALLY want to be able to have alpha in vertex colours from geometry and diffuse material colour with alpha and have lighting, this is not a permutation opengl seems to like), fun also being i have a 5year old graphics card which is just at the start of opengl support of vertex shaders (have a more modern card for when i add normal maps/ play with fragment shader) ~wanted to use the openGl shader language rather than cg... guess that was the other mistake, though playing with openGl extentions is fun...

so this again is some lights, some geometry, a texture with alpha on geometry with vertex colours (with alpha) and material with alpha... cough, i really wanted to be able to easily fade out objects in a single pass of the render...

next is onto some 'world systems' to be able to have some slightly more interesting visuals, ie, a light system and geometry system, then collision, dynamic, game object systems....