Foggy Shore

There's nothing as quiet... As a decision.
Let a peaceful space wash over you in this 3D short adventure game. Foggy Shore is a Unity WebGL game that is free to experience and can be played in your browser immediately here:

Estimated play time: 4 minutes.

Stand-alone versions for Windows, Mac and Linux are also available for a higher fidelity experience.


A game by Alexander Ocias with audio by Stefano Guzzetti. Built in Unity3D for WebGL.

L.A. Noire - Official Launch Trailer


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The Official Launch Trailer for L.A. Noire reveals evidence uncovered on the Vice desk, and hints of a trail of corruption leading from drug dealers on the streets of Los Angeles to the highest offices of the LAPD.

L.A. Noire will be available on May 20 in Australia and New Zealand for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.

Krome developing The Force Unleashed on Wii

Red Steel promised some unique sword fighting fun on the Wii, but many were left a tad disappointed by the inadequate controls. Gamers wanted a true sword yielding experience, not one where attacks relied on pre-programmed swings or quick flicks that set off a chain of combo's on screen but where your movements were mimicked directly on the screen. The potential and the anticipation for a true sword combat game utilising Nintendo's innovative Wii-mote is high, yet unfortunately no developer has tackled the idea since.

Edge of Twilight

FUZZYEYES is proud to reveal its new and highly anticipated third-person action/adventure title ?Edge of Twilight.? Developed for XBOX 360 and PC, ?Edge of Twilight? heralds the beginning of a brand new IP for the studio; a dark, steampunk fantasy in a world where night and day have torn apart.

L.A Noire Release and Platform Details?

Hey, it may not be much, but every bit of news about the highly anticipated and possibly most ambitious locally developed title, L.A Noire, is very much worth posting about! In a news item at Eurogamer concerning episodic content for Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox 360, some tidbits were also revealed for Team Bondi's detective thriller...

GamePro Likes Looney Tunes Game

GamePro magazine were lucky enough to be invited to check out the Looney Tunes title at Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Looney Tunes is currently in development at Melbourne's Red Tribe for the PS2, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii.

In the June edition of GamePro, Looney Tunes was described as Ratchet & Clank meets Sonic, and was heralded for its great artwork and gameplay...

Halfbrick Studios Top Local GBA Games Sales Charts

Congratulations are in order for Brisbane based developers, Halfbrick Studios, for coming in the number one position at the GFK sales charts in the Game Boy Advance category this week for Avatar: Legend of Aang!

Halfbrick Studios had a pretty solid showing on the GBA last year, with some great games as listed in the 2006 Sumea Awards, and this latest bit of news show that they're well into a great start for 2007. And it's by no means an easy task to take out the barrage of Pokemon titles as well as other big licenses such as Spiderman and Happy Feet. Well done, guys!

Endgame Studios and Slidatron

Like many other Australian game developers, Endgame Studios are heading off to the Game Developers' Conference to show off their work and score some deals. Endgame are showcasing Slidatron: Dual Space, an innovative platformer title for the Nintendo DS platform. Cubed3 has an article on Endgame Studios which mentions how they got funding for their game, and how they're having trouble finding talented staff!