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Lessons Learned Shipping Mini Motorways: A bumpy road to success - Tana Tanoi

Tana Tanoi
Dinosaur Polo Club
Mini Motorways
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Mini Motorways is a relaxing game about building roads to support a growing city. The game is a follow up to Mini Metro, and after 9 months of prototyping and 9 months of production, was a launch title on Apple Arcade. These three things: creating a successor to an indie hit, being a new platform’s launch title, and a very short production timeline, meant that the road to success was a bumpy one. In this talk, Tana Tanoi from Dinosaur Polo Club will go through the challenges faced during the development of Mini Motorways, covering topics like how Apple Arcade’s requirements shaped the game’s development, how quick tools were developed for a small team on a time budget, and the process of defining a brand through prototyping and iterating.