Irrational Games Australia

Senior Concept Artists, Visual FX Coder opening at Irrational Games Canberra

Here at Irrational Games we can boast about taking gaming innovation to the next level. Our recent success at the 2006 E3 convention saw us take out the much coveted ?Game of the Show? award for Bioshock by beating the likes of Super Mario for the top honour (IGN, Gamespot and Gamespy).

We have also had the privilege of being awarded the title of ?IGN Developer of the Year 2005?. This is the type of exposure and experience you can share by joining our award winning team in our Australian Studio.

New BioShock Images

Those naughty people at the website have scanned and uploaded some magazine screenshots and concept art from Bioshock, the spiritual successor of System Shock 2. No word has been made public on whether Irrational Canberra is taking part in the development of this game, but the engine that is running the show here is the Vengeance engine. It's a highly modified version of the Unreal technology that was used for Tribes: Vengeance, a game which was developed mostly in the Canberra studio.

Irrational Named PC Developer of the Year 2005 by IGN

Congratulations are in order for Irrational Games as they beat Valve to receive IGN's PC Developer of the Year award...

"Ken Levine and his team of wacky Australo-Bostonians have had a special place in our heart for quite a few years. With a focus on consistently tight designs their games have always managed to keep our interest from start to finish. This year the gang at Irrational Games turned their attention to two sequels, one for their own property Freedom Force and another for the venerable SWAT franchise."