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IG Australia is always hiring for the right candidate! If you are a talented programmer, artist, designer or manager and you believe that you have something unique to offer us, please apply and we will seriously consider your application regardless of whether a specific vacancy is listed below. IGA is primarily interested in recruiting those who can demonstrate their understanding of how to create great games whatever your level of experience in the industry.

Vivendi Universal Pulls Plug From Tribes: Vengeance

There was only a brief message on the game's official message boards from associate brand marketing manager Guy Welch. "Development on the previously announced Tribes: Vengeance 1.1 update has been cancelled," he said. "No further updates to Tribes: Vengeance are planned."

Art and Style Guide for Tribes: Vengeance

Sierra has made available the art assets of Tribes: Vengeance to help those modders who are interested in adding content for the game...

includes the templates, skins and meshes for Tribes?: Vengeance. Experienced artists and mod makers may use these files as a basis for creating original character, weapon and vehicle designs for use within the Tribes?: Vengeance Engine.

It's a 110mb download, and it's worth checking out to see some locally made game art to learn from. :)

Tribes: Vengeance Reviews

A whole lotta Tribes: Vengeance reviews available on the internet now that the game has hit retail, most of which give glowing praise for what Irrational Games Canberra have been able to achieve...

"Vengeance is still a worthy heir to the throne, though, and it may convert more players to the Tribes style of online action than either of its predecessors managed."

- 1 UP

Tribes: Vengeance Website Updated

Lots of news on Irrational Game's eagerly anticipated Tribes: Vengeance has kept the Tribes fanbase on their toes. Last week, Tribes: Vengeance was announced as "Gone Gold", which means that all the hard work is complete and T:V was sent off for duplication.

The good news was followed by the partnering of ATI Technologies for T:V which will help in promoting and marketing of the title.