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Ken Levine on BioShock in this X-Play Preview.

In this latest sneak peak at Irrational Games? Bioshock, one of the most anticipated games of the year, designer Ken Levine reveals some more of the character and plot details as well as discussing some of the game play mechanics, particularly the weapon creation and strategic gameplay opportunities, that will make this game more than just another pretty FPS.

Irrational Games Australia Working on X-Com?

Irrational Games certainly hasn't been shy in promoting their upcoming Xbox 360 / PC fps title, BioShock, but it's understood that Irrational's Boston Studio is mostly handling that title. It has prompted Sumea to ask the question "what the heck is Irrational Canberra up to?" a while ago, and it seems that we may finally have an answer. According to Shacknews, a small slip up revealed that the Irrational people may be working on the sequel to X-COM: UFO Defense. From Shacknews...

The Word From Ken Levine

Ken Levine, Co-Founder of Irrational Games - who have two development studios; an Aussie one in Canberra and an American studio in Boston - has recently recorded a pod-cast for, in which he talks all about the upcoming title, Bioshock. The ‘shooter’ title for the Xbox 360 and PC is set to hit the shelves in June this year. Among other things, Levine discloses some information about the lack of a multiplayer component on release:

Bioshock Release Information

The anticipation for the release of Bioshock has grown to palpable levels, with the Aussie/American Devs at Irrational Games’ first-person-shooter set to hit the shelves in June this year. Irrational and Publisher, 2k Games have stirred fans once again with the release of the Bioshock Community Website, The Cult of Rapture.

Bioshock Global Release in June

It was announced today by 2K Games that the highly anticipated Bioshock, spiritual successor to the acclaimed System Shock series, will be released globally in June of this year for both the Xbox 360 and the PC.

Bioshock is being developed by Irrational Games, who have two studios - one in ACT, Australia, and one in Boston, America.

Evil Avatar Interviews Ken Levine

Evil Avatar caught up with Irrational Games Co-Founder, Ken Levin, for a chat that makes an interesting read. While the interview eventually delves into information and the makings of Bioshock, the build-up to that poses some very philosophical and ideological discussions. Ken supplies an interesting look into the life of a writer for a computer game, with the difficulties faced, his work ethic, and things he tries to achieve in his writing.

The interview is split up into two parts.

Level Designer for Irrational Games Australia

Here at Irrational Games we can boast about taking gaming innovation to the next level. Our recent success at the EEE saw us take out the much coveted 'Game of the Show' award for Bioshock from IGN, Gamespot and Gamespy. IGN also saw fit to dub us their 'Developer of the Year 2005'.This is the type of exposure and experience you can share by joining our award winning team in our Australian Studio.